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About Us

Who Is Nonfungibleownership.com

Founded in 2021, Nonfungibleownership.com aims to be the world’s leading research-based platform for NFT crypto tokens and Defi. Our research offers world-class information on the latest breakthroughs in the non-fungible sector. Our team of researchers has real-world industry progressions with extensive knowledge in the field of NFTS and decentralized finance.

Daniel Kay – Founding Partner

Daniel has been an entrepreneur his whole working life, starting at 20 years old when he owned a restaurant in the Lake District in the UK. Since then, he has gone on to set up businesses in estate agencies, lettings, mortgages, investment, crypto gambling, blockchain gambling, and YouTube. He has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014 and has built up an extensive knowledge base of this niche market.

Emil Rühmland – Founding Partner

Emil is a talented graphic designer with extensive knowledge in the field of stocks and cryptocurrency. He has been involved in the crypto space for the last 3 years.

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