Abyss – The Decentralized Finance Platform for Gaming

Abyss (ABYSS) Review

The Abyss platform is intended to provide a next-generation digital distribution network for video games. This NFT gaming platform provides a revolutionary referral system, which gives players the ability to earn from gaming activities and in-game payments, as well as payments from other gamers. Referral fees received in other games on the platform increase developers’ earnings.

There are many lucrative alternatives available for gamers on the Abyss platform, such as referral incentives, gaming accomplishment prizes, and monetary payouts for content creation. Players get access to a broad range of different games from across the globe. It has an internal overlay that allows users of the platform to communicate with one another, as well as access certain key features. Hibernation regimes free up computer resources so that while clients are working, computer resources are freed up. If the official game servers are unavailable or offline, you may play with friends on Gamespy.

According to the unique ID, name, nickname, email address, or any other criteria, it includes a search engine for discovering and adding friends. By providing this feature, we can play together on unofficial servers with pals who are unable to use the official servers. A technique for adding friends without logging in to the server every time.

What Are ABYSS Tokens?

Abyss tokens are an important part of the platform’s internal mechanisms for engagement. This platform will be accessible for PCs (Windows, macOS, and Linux), smartphones (iOS and Android), and tablets (iPad and Kindle Fire).

How The Abyss Ecosystem Works

The Abyss is a whole ecosystem, in which mutually-referenced components work together harmoniously. Social media authentication makes it easy for consumers to get access to the platform and utilize all the available services. Providing for all the needs of the platform includes a uniform system for accepting payments through a trustworthy payment provider. Natural user outflow may be reduced via the availability of a 24/7, self-supporting service.

The Abyss For Developers

Both the public and private sections will be part of the developer’s own account. In the public section, the developer may make announcements, run contests, provide voting, and send messages to users. The private section was designed as a focal point for overseeing game traffic, audience, and monetization for the developer.

The Abyss MMO Games

MMO games are important because they provide players with the unique opportunity to interact with others socially. Some communities remain together even after the end of a specific gaming project, searching for a new place to play together. Players must maintain personal profiles on the platform so that they may build a personal presence and maintain communication. Personalization and self-expression, communication and publishing of different accomplishments may be found in the public areas of the personal account section.

How The ABYSS Tokenomics Works

There will be a limited number of ABYSS tokens issued. The internal CPA Network will take one-third of the platform’s fee, with the remainder allocated to the auction transactions. Users are rewarded with a discount when purchasing games using ABYSS tokens. The prices of purchases are reduced, and ABYSS tokens are used to distribute incentives for creating and distributing content.

Does Abyss Have A Referral Program?

In the Abyss, a free-to-play online game, users can use referral networks that they build. There is a commission % which the player gets on every transaction made by all of the platform’s users, up to 5 layers deep through a referral link. Invited players who are given full access to the site as they welcome in those who aren’t referred to the platform by any referral scheme – becoming the creators of their referral chain.

About 70% of the revenue for the Abyss platform comes from game developers, while the remaining 30% is retained. One-third of the money generated is allocated to the referral program. The Abyss pays out 70% of each payment to the game’s creator, while the remaining 30% is awarded to the Referrer program. 

How Game Achievements Work

Personal gaming accomplishments are paid out frequently in Reward Bank currency. A reward for performance outside of a game is based on the amount of the Reward Bank every day. It may be used to provide money to high-level players. A player may remain with the team for many years by using this technique.

A syndicate connects people who may not be associated with one another in a particular game and also makes use of non-blockchain monetization techniques. The three main indicators that determine a syndicate’s ranking are the number of ABYSS tokens in her account; the shelf life of each batch of crypto tokens; and each participant’s own rating, which is calculated as the total of the monetary motivators they have accrued.

How Content Creation Works

Many methods are effective in keeping interested and influencing public opinions, such as blog posts, live streams, video reviews, tutorials, fan art, and storytelling. All content on the site may be assessed and rewarded using blockchain.


To aid game developers in targeting the kinds of people who are most interested in their games, a Universal Advertising Account makes advertising campaigns easier to execute. provide the traffic of your own game to other games. Use explicit targeting and offers to buy in-game traffic from other games. 

On internal traffic, an ABYSS token 10% commission is applied. Everything you need to deal with external traffic is made available for free. Developers will have an opportunity to earn a profit from this project because of the way it is structured.

Further Abyss Information

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