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Mine Alien Worlds Planets To Earn Free TLM Crypto

Alien Worlds (TLM) Review

Alien Worlds is a decentralized metaverse that is now on the Binance Smart Chain, WAX, and Ethereum blockchain that utilizes smart contracts. As an Explorer, you may participate in activities and earn Trilium tokens, which can be exchanged for more of the native tokens of the game.

Planets will be able to develop their own tokens and DAO, as well as provide their own games and NFTs. To prevent penalizing already-existing planets, new planets will be created. Trilium tokens are supported by the TLM, which explorers may stake to play games.

The Alien Worlds Metaverse

Planets are the primary location for gaming and mining activities on Alien Worlds. Players decide the natural resources they would want to harvest on each planet and then vote on whatever kind of governance they want to implement on the respective planet. The Federation will give the planet mining and combat games with smart contracts to operate.

A discussion will be held between the community and the Federation to finalize the terms and conditions of the Planet award. Any kind of digital asset that may be applied to the protocol may be used, but not limited to Planetary (DAO) tokens, land, and other NFTs. In addition, the member site will have a platform for Planet community members to vote for Governors and distribute Trilium.

How Alien Worlds Blockchain Mining Game Works

Planets will be able to provide these mining smart contracts to their explorers. As a reward for exploration, it offers the opportunity to mine for Trilium and NFTs on land on the planet. Trilium payouts are given each time the miner is called.

Additionally, NFTs may be issued from time to time. How much Trilium is in the Planet’s Mining Pot when the payout is calculated depends on how much Trilium is in the pot.

A Trilium commission is given to the landowner unless the miner is mining on land they own. The remainder is retained by the miner. The whole collection of NFTs is retained by the miner.

Staking Tokens On Alien Worlds

Once they stake Trilium on a planet, users become voting members of that planet. In addition to the virtual currency they earn, users may stake Trilium on an endless number of planets.

In order to transmit Trilium to a contract address, a user first stakes the currency. The contract will then return the stake to the user.

To conclude, the Trilium that is put into a Planetary DAO token is backed by the equivalent quantity of Trilium in that planet’s total staked token supply.

For any Planetary DAO, users have the option to change their tokens 1:1 for Trilium anytime.

The token that governs that user’s participation in a Planetary DAO will be known as a Planetary DAO Token.

What is TLM Token?

Alien Worlds has a native token known as Trilium (TLM), which can be staked to create new planets and engage in the game’s basic gameplay. Users are able to store Trilium on either the Ethereum, WAX, or BSC blockchains depending on their option, and utilize it for the games built on WAX and BSC. In year 1, there is a limit of 5 billion Trilium with inflation of 9% of that amount. By year 2, inflation has reduced the inflation rate to 7.64%. The rate is gradually decreasing each year.


A key tool in preventing network abuse and disincentivizing automation is providing proof of work for successful mining efforts. The normal user won’t be aware of this; but, for mobile users with limited computational capacity, the proof of work required can cause a significant slowdown. This could make the game very boring, so progress will need to be made to make it more entertaining if it is going to be a huge success.

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