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Chain Guardians (CGG) – The NFT Cross-Chain Gaming Platform

Chain Guardians (CGG) Review

As a result of the ChainGuardians ecosystem, users will earn money by both using and participating in their platforms. At different times during the game, players will be able to battle, acquire, train, and upgrade their troops. While now the majority of ChainGuardian’s NFT assets are kept on the ERC-721 token standards. New players get these rewards too, but other assets are also stored on the central databases.

What To Play To Earn Cross-Chain Gaming

Play-to-earn, cross-chain gaming is a novel method of playing that offers a better gaming experience for gamers, providing an engaging, creative, and entertaining experience. Team members endeavor to provide a fair gaming environment that incorporates earn-and-win dynamics as well as free-play modes. They believe that by collaborating with other noteworthy efforts, they may shatter technological and ideological barriers. Gamers are now in the spotlight of all that is done.

What Are Chain Guardians NFTs?

All ERC-721 NFTs are unique to each blockchain. There are only a certain number of each Guardian available for purchase, and they are only available for purchase via sales. Beyond what is specified by the ChainGuardians team, there will never be any additional Guardians. ” This will help preserve the value of assets and provide incentives for those who join the ecosystem. In the future, more Guardian characters and other supporting characters will be created.

How To Earn Free CGG Tokens

Currently, there are two ways to play and earn tokens inside the ChainGuardians ecosystem: the NFT mining platform and a role-playing game.

According to the blockchain gaming industry, the NFT Mining platform is highly regarded since it allows users to stake their assets to get tokens. To provide an analogy, think of it as an ‘idle game’ where players ‘choose their NFTs’ and place them in pools, where they then get game tokens in return. Additionally, the tokens may be utilized to influence important ecosystem choices, and these tokens can be redeemed for CGG tokens.

At the moment, the ChainGuardians roleplaying game is in Beta, but the community is continually updated. Most RPGs at this time are concentrated on providing treasure to players, with the goal of game-play focused on PVP play by Q2 of 2021.

Future Game Releases

A next-generation gaming experience, anticipated to be launched as an MVP or Alpha in the fourth quarter, will provide rich 3D PvP game situations. In this game, players may look forward to fights where they have to use their money and other assets to overcome their opponents. This is similar to fighting games such as Tekken or Street Fighter. At this time, thought is being given to the many situations in which a NFT metaverse experience may be needed, along with potential client-based solutions.

What Is CGG Token?

The ChainGuardians ecosystem is supported by ChainGuardians governance tokens (CGG). To govern, vote on ecosystem design, and stake and pay with them. The main function of the CGG coin is to provide a financial incentive for participants to take an active role in the ecosystem. Breaking down conventional boundaries opens the path for interesting game action.

How The Game Mechanics Work

The Chain Guardian game is a turn-based, live-time game that is in progress at all times. As a player, you may join forces with other players to take down opposing forces and acquire power, credits, weapons, and even artifacts that grow in strength over time. Advanced AI fights may occur while idle if the Guardians have set characteristics. You will be able to play the game using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and many more. Play games and get unique prizes while helping the ChainGuardians project.

Allies and NPCs are allowed to take part in team matches and skirmishes, as well as narrative mode fights. Duels are fought out in a turn-based fashion, where offensive and defensive abilities are used in tandem.

Initially, the ChainGuardians’ combat meta may seem simple, but it is more complicated than it appears. Consider, for example, that a striking technique is more effective against an opponent who is wearing steel armor while cutting it will be ineffective. Every step of the development process will be subject to frequent testing and balancing.

How The Chain Guardians NFT POS Mining Works

The first time NFT mining has been done via Proof-of-Stake (POS) and in the process, you may generate NFT through mining. They were the first initiative to include NFT mining into the game, allowing popular and uncommon NFTs to both mine rare currencies and also generate substantial profits. ChainGuardians use the CGC coin as their in-game money.

Global NFT Hashing Game

This is a game in which you may play with your favorite NFC tags. New batches of NFT will be released into the game at predetermined intervals. The hash rate of these NFTs will be based on ChainGuardians and Partners’ methodology for assigning a rarity score to each asset. Don’t succumb to the fear of missing out, and start the game already.

What Is The Colosseum?

The Colosseum is one of the rarest crypto sphere assets. While it will be accessible to anyone with one of the rarest NFT crypto assets, it will only be for those who are interested in it. The relative scarcity and pricing of the NFT will influence its potency. Every entrant into the income stream for will benefit from a reduced entrance cost. 


New cryptocurrency organizations and gaming platforms may be onboarded as the game grows, and then new game elements can be introduced. It costs a little bit to take your Guardians on adventures to other planets. Establishing a footing on the new planet will allow your Guardians to rapidly adapt and return to being among the strongest in the whole game. It is a fascinating concept which looks primed to do well, and I am looking forward to the release at the end of the year.

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