How Crowns (CWS) & The Seascape Platform Transforming Gaming

Crowns (CWS) Review

An incentivized ecosystem comprises gamers, developers, and advertisers, as well as influencers. Motivated by the influence of world-class games. Players can earn and spend Crown tokens on game assets that may be traded, staked, and collateralized in one way or another.

What Is CWS Token?

Seascape has devised a method of genuinely compensating gamers and platform users for their time and effort. Using BLOCKLORDS, a new cryptocurrency called Crowns will be created, which will be used to reward all major stakeholders in the game ecosystem. In a fun and user-friendly manner, this token will allow the vast majority of gamers to experience the full potential of DeFi gaming.

If a player possesses crowns, they will periodically get a cash drop. The token payout is extracted from tokens that have already been spent by customers. This guarantee ensures that the supply of crowns remains constant at 10,000,000 tokens throughout the procedure. Creating a passive method to raise the number of Crowns for all Crownholders as well as Seascape Network participants in the ecosystem is as simple as it can be.

How The Scape Game Store Works

The Scape Game platform provides players with a user-facing game store. The emphasis is on giving customers the ability to own and exchange assets across different blockchains while enjoying their favorite games. The more players assist in keeping the chain safe, the more they will be able to vote on items such as developer costs, minimum game requirements, competitions, and other things inside the game store.

What Is Scape SDK?

The Scape SDK will bring all the moving pieces that are required for publishing a game on the Scape Store into one simple and streamlined package. The long-term goal is to create a robust community on the platform. The wallet will include support for all major cryptocurrencies and wallet development kits, as well as leaderboards, payment methods, and more.


Over its existence, BlockLords has been deployed on at least six distinct blockchains. 2.0 focused on providing a less rocky and far smoother first-time user experience without the need for a wallet, but which may be linked at a later time to earn crypto. This project will let us release a high-quality game from the start, accessible in several languages, with helpful new player instructions.

How The Seascape Platform Chain Works

The Seascape Chain will be the native protocol of the Scape Game Store. It will take advantage of the value and liquidity of Bitcoin to create games. In addition, creators will have a simple method to publish their games using platforms that don’t have the steep costs that are often connected with conventional platforms.

The ICE Viaduct

Seascape will be able to link to many platforms, including Polkadot, Algorand, and others. The Bridge is a viaduct which links the Seascapia platform to the rest of the globe. Migrating assets from one platform to another will enable players to play games on other platforms.

How To Earn CROWN Rewards

As part of their ongoing efforts to remain competitive, Seascape has declared their intention to construct a Seascape chain in Kusama, giving them access to the Parachain bid system. An independent chain built with its own bridges is formed if Parachains can not fulfill its bid criteria. By implementing this, the whole ecosystem will remain stable and scalable, and all Scape games will be available for free or at reduced rates.

Are The Platform Fees Expensive?

According to Scape, they are in the first stages of developing a new payment scheme for gamers and developers. To alleviate concerns about the new charge model, users and developers have the option of deciding whether or not to pay monthly (partial validation) or for each transaction (full validation). In other words, this game client is less expensive than other game client platforms such as Steam and the App Store. Furthermore, it also provides the capability for them to join a subscription service where their games are part of the monthly subscription package.

Seascape Games

Seascape is a new platform where game creators may design their own token-based blockchain. The Seascape platform allows developers to design rules for each game, facilitating the use of decentralized economies by providing the flexibility to experiment.


Seascape is a team whose only purpose is to design games and economies that are more accessible to everyone. They think strongly that before a game can be successfully commercialized, it must have a good library of video games as a foundation. The Seascape Platform Chain serves to compensate those who have worked on and supported games for creators that use it. Delivering a high-quality product in a short period of time depends on keeping a constant pace of development.

Further Crowns Information

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