Curate (XCUR) – The Decentralized Marketplace dApp For Trading NFTs

Curate (XCUR) Review

The CURATE marketplace app provides a one-stop solution for individuals seeking inspiration and ideas for fashion and gaming. Each item or material they upload will earn some kind of incentive in digital currency. This also serves as an incentive to sell and purchase more on the app. The platform also recognizes the contributions. Everything is covered, whether you are spending real money or Curate (XCUR) or any other crypto.

The CURATE marketplace will include an internal blockchain that allows users to trade, bid, and spend without gas charges. The platform can simply get rid of false comments and reviews using blockchain technology. The technology will monitor a platform user’s remarks before they are posted. A review full of hate speech and disparaging language gets filtered out. On the other hand, each registered user of the platform will have a unique I.D. to authenticate his/her account. enabling users to profit from blockchain and the CURATE ecosystem as easily as their conventional partners.

What is the XCUR Token?

XCUR crypto tokens act as a multifunction token that offers customers a broad range of use applications both inside and outside the Curate marketplace application. The XCUR token is used to acquire goods traded for FIAT and to swap items with other crypto by partners and merchants on all transactions.

What Is The CURATE Platform?

It is a decentralized app that uses a distributed service system operated by several systems worldwide. It serves as a one-stop-shop software that curates content from inspirational businesses and traders. All user data is protected using a cryptographic method inside our platform. This approach makes it easy for everyone to participate on the platform and enhances the efficiency and amount of services provided.

Curate developed the KYC process since the confidentiality and security of user data are one of the most important things we truly want. The KYC requirement also assists with crypto-asset theft. Thanks to the little information we have on everyone, it will be simpler to track down money and stop it from being stolen by criminal elements on a task to create a bad reputation for the crypto asset class.

The Blockchain is a decentralized network that allows users to transmit money peer-to-peer. Each user’s information is kept safely on the decentralized network, but not accessible to anybody. The technological team behind the system claims it will protect the data of every person away from prying eyes.

After the KYC registration is completed and the AML has been agreed upon, the user must agree to the CFT regulations to fight terrorist funding. Nobody should be engaged in exploiting the platform to finance terrorists. The platform will not hesitate to freeze an account related to laundering operations.

How Does Curating Work?

The CURATE platform will be a decentralized app with an intelligent contract transaction performance capability based on the blockchain. If the sale of material is allowed to the public, a unique RFID protocol will be incorporated into the system as one of the anti-fraud methods. The RFID enables the user to scan the material they buy to detect its validity and authenticity. You may use a mobile device with a camera to scan the code of the bought object to identify this distant frequency. This in turn sheds light on the history of the material and helps get rid of those who sell phony designer goods.

The dApp will enable consumers to readily recognize what they buy and where it originates from. The services will contribute to the development and awareness of small brands. The quality of the products and services provided will be assessed by every designer. As time passes, the work of each person is taken up and those with the most votes are labeled as “rending”.

The dApp allows people to post and curate items for sale. The community may then vote on the material or it may become popular before it trends. This enables the user to win a prize from the prize pool depending on the number of votes they cast for an item.

How Curate Generates Money

Curate will earn revenue via market trades. Curate charges buyers and sellers a tiny percentage (a seller fee and a purchaser’s service fee) to finance the operation, which covers support/disputes, accommodation, maintenance, and software upgrades. A percentage of this charge is utilized for the awards program and curators will acquire ETH and XCUR from exchanges depending on the percentage of fees they collect and distribute to the award pool for buyers/sellers and app users to be handsomely rewarded.

The platform operates as a content-based NFT social media platform alone. This presents performance and scalability issues. The sidechain enables transactions to be carried out en masse and ensures the handling of millions of users. Since the project is embryonic, there are no facilities for a sidechain running alongside the main chain, but the team behind the project says that option will be made accessible within a short time.

Smart Contracts will operate on the platform as the transaction facilitator and monitor ongoing actions. The smart contract code generates incentives for each person contributing to the site. This will be dependent on how much popularity they have earned with their c-power overtime. A Smart Contract monitors every transaction performed on the system and guarantees a two-way confirmation before a successful transaction is marked.

What is the XCUR Token?

The Curate token (XCUR) was developed for utility reasons and is not a security or equity token in any country under any securities legislation. It will be given as a main reward token, as previously mentioned, on the Curate marketplace app. Curate’s supply increase requirement may not be required until there are additional distinct expansion instances for usage.

XCUR is a crypto token that may be used for the purchase of in-app products, accepted as an in-app sales payment or staked in-app for holding prizes. It may also be retrieved for sale/commerce.

What Is The Curate+ Browser Extension?

The Curate+ browser extension is a standalone plugin that enables users to earn cryptographic assets as cashback while shopping online via commission models and spreads across all areas, including products, services, retail, advertising and cuisine.


XCUR is software for buying, selling, and exchanging tokens in a single shopping experience. Buyers using XCUR get credit back for gas costs after every purchase. If it takes off, it could be one of the best crypto token apps of 2021/2022. There is still a long way to go and it is going to take this project a long time to gain the market growth required to be a success in this sector, but so far they are on the right track.

Further Curate Information

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