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DEAPcoin (DEP) Review

The DEA Project seeks to establish a society in which a rising population will live through gaming and manga reading. The DEA Project also creates an online platform for users to spend the money they earn. People holding this new “job” will call themselves “PlayMiners.”

What Is DEAP?

The DEA project provides the “PlayMining Platform“, which is a media entertainment platform built on the blockchain. The platform consists of three elements: the DEA Bank, the Digital Art Auction, and the game. All three components are linked via a platform user’s Digital Entertainment Asset (PlayMiners) and the platforms are interlinked.

PlayMining Ecosystem Overview

Digital assets are NFTs such as digital art and the PlayMining platform’s digital entertainment content. Digital assets are maintained on a private blockchain, which is one of the ERC721 standards, and each asset is issued as a unique non-fungible token (NFT). The DEA bank, the Digital Art Auction, and the game will impact and promote the allocation of digital assets amongst PlayMiners and the circulation of value. They have developed and issued a brand-new crypto token called the DEAPcoin to establish an economy.

What Is The DEA Bank?

The DEAP Bank is a mechanism whereby PlayMiners may maintain and issue crypto-monetary information on the PlayMining Platform. DEA Bank is not only used for asset management but will also be connected to other businesses on the platform to enable fast and simple payment. 

Once the platform is released, we want to connect the DEA Bank to the Digital Art Auction and the Game/Manga. The DEA bank transactions assets between users if, for example, a PlayMiner purchases or sells NFT art at the Digital Art Auction, or if it receives DEAPcoins in a game.

What Are DEAPcoins?

DEAPcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency for buying and selling digital art by PlayMiners. The DEA Bank, Digital Art Auction, and Game/Manga are intended to cooperate with the DEA Bank’s infrastructure. If a PlayMiner wishes to sell digital art, he may advertise it, lock it and send DEA Bank an application. If successful, the bid price for the digital art is then sent to the bank, where it is securely delivered to the seller. This enables them to utilize the sales money to buy additional artwork.

The DEA Bank and Game/Manga may now offer the PlayMiner who obtained digital art a unique experience. As all digital art data is saved digitally, weather or deterioration will not occur over time. You may earn constantly by monitoring the trend of different kinds of digital art in the PlayMining economic zone. The DEA Bank, the digital art auction, and the game system’s entertainment side are boundlessly extensible. They have also planned and developed the digital Art Auction system and its UI/UX.

The Digital Art Auction (DAA)

A Digital Art Auction is used for the trading of digital assets. PlayMiners may simply acquire and sell digital assets to admire the artwork, utilize them in other services (in games in particular), or sell them to other players. Part of the transaction fee payable to the original developer of the Digital Asset sold is paid in DEAPcoin by Play Miners at the Digital Art Auction. This enables a multiple payment scheme for producers of digital artworks.

NFT Manga

The Game/Manga is a place for playing with NFT digital assets, but also for inspiring new PlayMiners in the economic realm of PlayMining. Unlike previous and current blockchain games, the game/manga is created so that players may enjoy it naturally and free of charge without knowing about cryptocurrency. With this unique approach, our target consumers are the 2,3 billion game players worldwide. The economic area of PlayMining has an infinite potential for development.

How To Earn Free DEAPcoin 

The idea of the DEA Project to provide “money” to gaming players has been shown to produce millions more than the usual promotions. Emerging services are supported by powerful financial resources that utilize this marketing strategy to achieve strong market entry. The DEA project is one of several businesses that utilize token distribution to attract new consumers.

The DEAPcoin (DEP) Token Economy

The value of DEAPcoin is dependent on the gross economic value of which it is mostly utilized. DEA owns all original digital artwork on the PlayMining platform. DEAPcoin’s maximum circulation value is agreed (Max circulation: DEP 30 billion, 1 DeAPcoin = 1 DEP below) As the market value increases, the value of 1 deAPcoin increases as well.

What Is DEP Crypto Token?

DEAPcoin may be used to earn money from games and manga. DEAPcoin has the “art standard” and its worth may be established by the “use value” and “asset value” guarantee of exchange with art. The ERC20 standard is one of the first currency standards released on the Ethereum platform. The creator of DeAPcoin claims he wants to promote his ideology and alter the world’s laws. The DEAP token was developed by the team behind the ERC20 platform, which enables users to send money to a wallet address.

But holders who are not well educated on the network quickly confuse the wallet and contract addresses and the loss of assets reduces the value of the currency. Given this scenario, the Smart Contract has developed and implemented the Smart Contract as a safety net. The intelligent contract is maintained without a referral if the referral is made using the contract address and not with the wallet address.

What Are The Risks?

DEAPcoin is a digital token exchanged on the platform. In its product development, protection, and implementation processes, the DEA project has a number of hazards, many of which are not directly managed by the DEA project. All participants in this project must carefully read, understand, and evaluate the accompanying risk warnings, and then take part in the Token Trading Programme. DEAPcoin trading is based only on an agreement among relevant market players. DEAPcoin buyers are responsible for risks connected to the pricing of DeAPcoin transactions.

The DEA Project is in its development phase and continuously updates its technical requirements and characteristics. As the project develops, continuous modifications will be made.


The “PlayMining” platform enables users to get cryptocurrency while playing free-of-charge games and cartoons. The idea of distributing crypto tokens to users may include a huge number of people worldwide and therefore create the DEP ecosystem. The ERC20-based token DEP is used for transactions wherein the portion is returned to the creators.

Further DEAPcoin Information

  • deapcoin
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $27.72 M
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