DIGITALAX Monavale (MONA) – The NFT Digital Fashion Brand For The Metaverse

DIGITALAX Monavale (MONA) Review

As a payment method for DIGITALAX 3D digital fashion products, Mona is used in the DIGITALAX marketplace. It is the source of funding for the DIGIFIZZY Metaverse, as well as the source of income for designers, independent developers, and gamers who are members of ESPA. Over time, as the use of MONA increases, business models using decentralized methods that go beyond what is now in place will be implemented.

The NFT metaverse is defined by the player-creator economy, and MONA has been designed to cater perfectly to this niche. The token will provide holders the ability to have a direct impact on the protocol’s development by voting and making proposals. Soon, royalties distribution from their NFT marketplace and Matic’s smart contract changes will be applied. Therefore, all MONA holders will be entitled to a percentage split from marketplace purchases.

What Are Mona’s Crypto Tokens?

The MONA crypto-token, ecosystem partners, and the project team will all be strengthened by DIGITALAX’s mission to enhance long-term sustainable development, extended lifespan, and convergence among the participants of the platform. The DIGILAX governance framework involves adding financial incentives, increasing platform autonomy, and strengthening the organization’s ability to govern itself. The DIGALAX ecosystem is led and monitored by the DIGitalAX team, who also maintain the MONA NFT and MONA token holders.

What Can MONA Be Used For?

The gamers use digital fashion items, which serve as their unique identifiers and authenticators in-game, to record their achievements in esports matches. Developers exhibit their work on ESPA, so players may pit themselves against one another. In addition to the money earned through in-game rewards, players get MONA crypto tokens as an income stream. This is how they buy goods from the marketplace.

Own Passive Income by Holding MONA Tokens

A passive income stream that grows depending on the revenues from the DIGITALAX markets is enabled by holding MONA. Decentralized voting mechanisms in the ecosystem let ecosystem members vote on ideas such as marketplace earnings, R&D funding, and protocol development. A percentage of MONA’s sales profits go to digital fashion designers, independent developers and modders, and winning players, with the remainder going to the Treasury.

Creating An Economy For Players And Creators

A platform that offers gamers and developers an opportunity to democratize exposure to incentivized exposure is a feature of the Digital Economy Ecosystem Layer 3. Independent creators and players have never had a democratized avenue for exhibiting their material and participating in casual, competitive play, and then making money by creating value from partaking in that kind of play. MONA aims to be the first and provide a solution where everyone’s a winner. 

Players will participate in cooperative NFT gaming as developers exhibit their content on the platform. This is a system of decentralized governance based on open collaboration that’s directly linked to an ongoing process of incentivizing designers, developers, and players.


Digitalax is a digital-only fashion NFT auction exchange platform that runs on top of a blockchain. The open-source digital fashion supply chain concepts and goods have introduced some fresh ideas surrounding digital fashion production. They provide NFT pricing frameworks for native digital fashion fairs, such as NFT staking, along with NFT plus Stable Coin Stability Collateral Wrappers. Everything is powered by MONA, which looks to have a bright future due to the limited competition in the niche and the strong partnerships they have in place.

Further DIGITALAX Monavale Information

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    $6.36 M
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