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DokiDoki Finance (DOKI) Review

DokiDoki Finance is on a mission to create a sustainable range of DeFi products that are user-friendly and that are open and accessible to everyone. They plan to offer a wide range of decentralized financial products such as staking and liquidity pools that provide high returns, are safe, and suit all types of investors. 

How Does DokiDoki Finance Work?

Instead of burning the DOKI tokens upon sale, the funds are recycled into a treasury contract. The treasury gathers DOKI tokens, which may be used to support the development of new open-protocol products and services by anybody. The community uses DOKI to run the tax system (which has a default value of zero) and the treasury.

What is the DOKI Token?

The overall number of DOKI crypto tokens will be 50,000, with an initial supply of 3,500. There will be a total of 3000 DOKI tokens minted and distributed to 200 participants in equal amounts. The first 500 DOKI tokens will be utilized to get the Uniswap network up and running with some liquidity. The initial supply is critical since it’s utilized in the staking pools to earn extra DOKI.

What is DStake?

DStake is the first Defi product offered by DokiDoki Finance. It is made up of four different liquidity pools that all offer different risks and returns. The higher the risk, the higher the returns, so investors have a choice of which type of strategy they prefer. The higher-risk models require investors to lock up their crypto tokens for a longer period of time, which means they are more susceptible to volatility. 

DokiDoki Finance Pools: How Do They Work?

Every two weeks, the total amount of crypto awarded by each liquidity pool is cut in half. Similar to the Bitcoin halving but using smart contracts on Ethereum, this method works similarly. 99% of the supply will be dispersed within 5–6 months, and new DeFi solutions will be launched throughout this time period, enhancing the usability of DOKI tokens and providing long-term value for the DokiDoki community.


Users stake their current DOKI tokens in this liquidity pool to get more DOKI. For the first two weeks, rewards are worth 7250 DOKI. After that, they are halved to 3625 DOKI, and then to 1812.5 DOKI, and so on until 14500 DOKI have been awarded.

DOKI Pool 2-ETH LP Pool 

In the second pool, users stake the Uniswap LP tokens they earned by supplying liquidity to the DOKI/ETH pool. Rewards begin at 13500 DOKI and are halved every two weeks, for a total of 27000 DOKI tokens in rewards.

DOKI Pool 3-WBTC Pool 

In the third liquidity pool, users may stake WBTC to gain DOKI. It’s for risk-averse people who wish to make a little DOKI over time. Rewards start at 500 DOKI and are halved every two weeks for a total of 1000 DOKI tokens after 6 months.

DOKI Pool 4-WETH Pool

The fourth liquidity pool is virtually the same as pool three, with the exception that users stake WETH instead of WBTC. The cumulative distribution is capped at a total of 1000 DOKI during the distribution.

Is There a Team Token Allocation?

There will be no team allocation and instead, a total of 3000 tokens will be issued along with vested over 6 months to support the main Defi product development. The process of distribution of funds is handled autonomously by smart contracts.

What is DStake 2.0?

You may earn either $DOKI or $AZUKI in any of the 8 pools in DStake 2.0. The first four pools in the hierarchy will provide DOKI crypto token rewards, while the following four will award AZUKI crypto token rewards. For each liquidity pool, the name tells you how much you must bet to get $DOKI or $AZUKI from that pool.

What is the AZUKI Token?

As a hyper-deflationary token, $AZUKI is intended to be used in conjunction with the Doki Doki NFT DaPP as well as the whole NFT platform. Azuki, under the direction of DOKI, encourages the widespread use of NFTs.

In Conclusion

Once you’ve chosen the pool you wish to invest in, use Uniswap to acquire the crypto you need to stake. It is straightforward to stake DOKI, AZUKI, WBTC, and WETH as it can be carried out within a couple of clicks on the Uniswap app.

Using the Uniswap UI, provide an equivalent amount of $DOKI and $ETH, or $AZUKI and $ETH, to enhance liquidity. As a result, you now have some Uniswap LP tokens in your account. As with DOKI, AZUKI, WBTC, and WETH, you may stake them in the DOKI/ETH or AZUKI/ETH pools.

Further DokiDoki Finance Information

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