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ECOMI (OMI) Review

In ECOMI Collect, you may receive and save digital collected material using a cross-platform application (available on mobile, desktop, and online). A digital asset marketplace where users may purchase, sell, trade, and store digital collectable NFTs. The rarity, scarcity, and property rights. Distributed Ledger Technology is used to keep track of digital treasures.

ECOMI’s goal is to design the world’s greatest distributed ledger technology platform to acquire, safeguard, and collect premium licensed digital collectibles. In the ECOMI ecosystem, you’ll find the ECOMI Collect, which comprises two separate elements: the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet and the ECOMI Collect Collective.

What Is an OMI Token?

Using the OMI token, ECOMI Collect helps to ease the acquisition and trading of NFT collectibles. This will be the case with OMI tokens and digital collectibles, which are now the same standard (NFTs). The OMI tokens will be swapped for the NFT once a collectable purchase is completed. To properly distribute ownership of the NFT, it will be transmitted to the customers’ Ecomi Collect app where they will get control of it, while the tokens used for the purchase are stored in a locked address.

What Is The ECOMI Collect?

The ECOMI Collect application gives customers the ability to purchase, sell, and exchange digital items licensed by top brands. Using a brand or category-based browser, customers may see and buy digital collectibles from various brands and categories. This Digital Collectible showroom allows users to showcase their digital collectibles and utilise various scenarios created by other players. With the OMI token, you may buy digital collectables and use the full capabilities of the app.

Ecomi NFTs

The NFTs available via ECOMI Collect include digital collectibles. Verifiable digital scarcity, with confirmed authenticity and immutable evidence of ownership, is a feature of the NFT standard. The NFTs include precise metadata qualities, such as rich provenance information, that confirm asset validity and ownership. The GO721 standard will be used by ECOMI Collect.

NFT Augmented Reality Collectibles

In ECOMI Collect, users can project their augmented reality NFTs into the real world and carry them with them when they use the device. If the AR material has to be scaled up or down, the viewer may resize it to meet their surroundings, whether it be a table top or as big as the broad outdoors. Using AR, users may play games like ECOMI in which they can move real-world items or move them in an AR game. It is available to download for free from the App Store and for Android from the Google Play Store.

ECOMI Hard Wallet

In-app wallets are produced for all ECOMI Collect users when they’ve completed the account set up. The Collect will be available at retailers for roughly $29.99. The size of a credit card, and wirelessly linked to the ECOMi Collect app, is due to Secure Wallet technology. OMI tokens and digital items may be stored safely in this wallet. Users can access their OMI tokens and collections from inside the app.

Is Ecomi Legit?

Yes, Orbis Blockchain Technology Ltd. is a legit registered Singapore company that operates and supports ECOMI. The ORBIS firm is a registered corporation in New Zealand, which is headquartered in Auckland, New York, Taipei, and Shanghai.


Ecomi Collect is meant for the general population. To complete the transaction, the user has to trade their digital collection for the in-game tokens and then wait for them to expire. The tokens are permanently held in an unreachable smart contract after a successful purchase. Tokens will be used in the ECOMI app to make in-app purchases. Because it is so simple to both possess and store NFTs, as well as provide a high level of security, it will stimulate mass acceptance and growth of the token.

Further Ecomi Information

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    $351.42 M
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