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Enjin Coin (ENJ) Review

Enjin Coin is the first cryptocurrency token that was created for online gamers, with the goal of legitimacy. Utilize this web-based platform to generate virtual items and exchange them with other gamers in one of the world’s most popular online gaming communities.

The Enjin Coin platform was developed specifically for the video gaming industry. Open-source SDKs for different languages, wallets, and payment systems will be provided, and the source code will be accessible for everyone to see.

Gamers who play online may share their virtual items across games or in community groups, allowing them to add more money to their digital wallets as they play. On the other hand, for every valid virtual transaction, about 7.5 more goods are displaced by fraud. Trust and security are provided with lower transaction costs using Enjin Coin tokens.

What Is The Aim Of The Project?

Minecraft, as well as sandbox games, are among the most popular titles on Enjin. Giving players greater power over their game content will help build a culture of enthusiasm, cooperation, and pride. Players who feel appreciated will come back, and therefore, their numbers will grow.

Uniquely positioned in the virtual gaming industry, the company can promote and create new creative items. The platform has amazing tools available to players, communities, and game designers.

Problems That Enjin Coin Is Trying To Solve

There are many problems in the gaming industry that Enjin Coin is trying to solve. Below are the main issues that the companies are trying to overcome to improve the gaming industry.

Inauthentic Ownership and Scarcity

It is crucial to understand that virtual objects are licensed to gamers and that they are only accessible on their exclusive platforms. They may be cheated, ignored, or recaptured by the user with no consequences. It lacks genuine transparency.

Payment Fee Fraud

Every virtual purchase that is made, it is estimated, results in the loss of 7.5 fraudulent purchases. Online gaming assets might be susceptible to fraud or chargebacks. Merchants have additional difficulties to contend with, and fraudsters negatively impact the game’s reputation.

Centralized and Locked In

In the majority of digital games and currencies, they are only used in the game they are tied to, and can not be transferred to another game. It is time-consuming and frustrating to trade in-game items outside of the gaming area. All of the players’ items and cash are forfeited if they become banned.

High Transaction Fees and Low Processing Speed

Platforms used by game producers and communities to execute virtual goods transactions include third-party platforms. Gamers often experience poor website performance, unclear financial flow, and exorbitant transaction costs.

It Is Time-Consuming and Expensive

The effort and expense of building a platform for handling virtual commodities are significant. It slows time to market to handle a virtual economy on proprietary infrastructure. A new set of obstacles has been introduced by security concerns.

There Are No Open Standards

The technology enabling decentralized money and assets does not yet have universally acknowledged standards. Many consumers never have a clue about what to anticipate, so their experience is generally handled after-the-fact.

Value-Decreasing Gamification

Creative feature sets that take into consideration the value of gameplay are few in content management systems and forum software. Participation and contribution do not lead to tangible rewards in the current world.

Enjin Coin Provides Many Solutions

Enjin will provide technologies that will let game publishers, gaming servers, and communities manage virtual goods and in-game stuff across numerous platforms. In-game monetization, with strong features and a well-rounded toolset, will be a core component of monetization with Enjin Coin. The potential advantages are enormous if a decentralized platform and accompanying frameworks are used.

How Enjin Coin Works

ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network will be designed to handle virtual assets and the Enjin Coin. It has the largest and most active development community in the blockchain space and a very strong commitment to supporting smart contracts.

By utilizing Enjin Coins as the parent money, games and communities may create their own unique in-game products, currencies, and privilege tokens. Enjin Coin holders may convert these assets back into Enjin Coins at the original rate at which they were created.

A smart contract will be generated, and after that, a custom asset will be registered as a clone in the singleton. Registry smart contract, which will enable all Smart Wallets to recognize the asset. Anyone who has Enjin Coins in their Access List now can mint new assets by submitting Enjin Coins to the new Mint smart contract. The Mint contract owner can edit the Name, Icon, and Access List properties at any time.

Enjin Coin NFTs

Unique data like the person who owns the item, the date it was coined, or the person it was robbed of may be included at the moment of minting, resulting in unique things with non-reproducible data (NFT).

Gamers may trade and exchange values with each other even if they are not playing the same game. They can even trade across numerous different games. Custom Coins will be interoperable with any external exchange that handles Ethereum Tokens.

How To Earn Free Enjin Coins

Currently, an automated system on the Enjin CMS Platform utilizes a sophisticated mix of criteria and triggers to pay out money to users’ accounts. A variety of incentive systems may be established for forum and website user involvement.

Enjin Coin Wallet

The Enjin Wallet is an important part of making things simple to use. The Enjin Wallet builds on previous light wallet designs by integrating with trusted games and websites to make the user experience more streamlined. A user’s Ethereum address will be shared across any platforms a user trusts.

In addition to being available on desktop applications, the Enjin Wallet will also exist as a mobile application (i.e. for iOS/Android) and have the same functionality listed above. It is probable that many customers will want to accept transactions while playing a game on their PC or their phone. Setting up the mobile wallet takes only a few seconds by scanning a QR code that provides information about the settings.

Push alerts from Enjin or other trustworthy platforms will be sent to the mobile app. To perform a transaction, the mobile wallet has to verify that the funds exist. In this case, the wallet user must accept or deny the transaction. By implementing this, gamers may now use their mobile devices to quickly send currency transactions while in-game.

NFT Gaming Assets

Custom Coins may be used to represent game assets, and it is quite simple to create a store with Enjin for in-game products or privileges. Enjin Platform websites may attach a particular wallet holding ENJ and Custom Coins to an account, allowing creators to access the value associated with their website account.

By creating a system that connects all of a game’s usable assets to the admin panel, enables users to list any sellable assets in-game and on the website and then set the price for each in Enjin Coins, Custom Coins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Fiat money.

Projects Linked To Enjin Coin

Clash Token (SCT)

To learn about the character’s spirit, you should play the game known as Spirit Clash. The Spirit Clash ERC-1155-based asset platform is designed to let people truly own their property. In some ways, it’s similar to trading card games in that you’re tasked with attacking your opponent’s three cores: mind, body, and soul.


By using the Enjin Wallet, the user experience may be further streamlined since it integrates with games and websites that the user is already comfortable with. This current automation system on the Enjin CMS Platform utilizes sophisticated conditions and triggers to reward users with free crypto tokens. The potential advantages are enormous and the decentralized platform and accompanying framework have the potential to change the gaming industry.

Further Enjin Coin Information

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