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Ethernity Chain – Authenticated Limited Edition NFTs & Defi Platform

Ethernity Chain (ERN) Review

The Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that uses your favorite artists’ work and that of your favorite influencers to manufacture handcrafted, limited-edition NFTs.

Although non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are yet to be widely recognized as a good investment, the market has dramatically increased in value over the last few months. The popularity of the NFT spaces is shown by sponsorship from major sports teams and celebrity partnerships.

The Ethernity Chain is a platform for digital artists to design and produce NFT digital editions for the community. Additionally, the platform is interested in community incentive programs, with the last lottery attracting a huge amount of attention.

A combination of Authenticated NFTs (ANFTs) and decentralized finance is to be built in order to provide a new hybrid usefulness to crypto; this will be done by using Ethernity (DeFi)

What Is ERN Token?

ERN will be utilized to serve as a liquidity provider for ERN pools. These participants will be able to harvest non-fungible ANFT tokens (NFTs) that are unique and tradable like other cryptocurrencies. The platforms will contribute a percent of ANFT sales to charity. With the NFT/DeFi hybrid, it has created a new idea which cryptocurrency consumers are eager to explore.

How To Earn ERN Staking

The Staking service for liquidity providers works on the Ethernity Chain. ERN/ETH interacts with Uniswap: The benefits go to those who want to do so. A lockup term of 30 days is placed on all staked funds, following which the pool is launched again. and offers a monthly repayment schedule.

Stake ERN To Make STONES Farming

To get STONES, you must have acquired them by staking the native token. Farm-only, in other words. The farming procedure uses MetaMask and to connect your MetaMask wallet to the Ethernity Chain.

To put it another way, each ERN coin in the farming contract will guarantee the bearer 1000 STONES while they are in the contract for one day. This, unfortunately, applies to STONES, which are indivisible. If you earn ERN tokens during the staking cycle but fail to unlock them before the cycle is completed, you get nothing.

STONES have no monetary value, are not transferable from the farming contract, and can not be exchanged for ERN or Ethereum (ETH). The NFTs on the protocol serve as the only purpose for trading with a certain group of different NFTs.


The ERN token and Ethernity Chain are primed to further boost the rapidly growing NFT business by creating non-fungible tokens with endorsements from Ellio Trades, Olive Allen, and other industry leaders.

On top of that, there will be various Ethernity Chain partnerships, including the Winklevoss twins and retired Italian footballer Paolo Maldini. In response to increased demand for NFTs, following the successful launch of the NBA Top Shot collectibles range.

It is one of the more exciting projects and, due to its links with sports stars, celebs, and other influencers, it is sure to get off to a good start. It is one of the projects I am personally following myself and I look forward to seeing the different NFTs soon to be launched.

Further Ethernity Chain Information

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    $45.88 M
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