About BKEX Exchange, Sign Up Info, Market Fees & Trading Volume.

BKEX exchange 24 hours trading volume is $1,036,453,768.92 (34,419.96 BTC). BKEX is established in year 2018. This cryptocurrency exchange is located in British Virgin Islands

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BKEX Explained 2022 - Everything You Need to Know

Introducing BKEX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the British Virgin Islands. The company was founded in 2018 and has garnered a reasonable following since then. Offering exchanges between over 400+ currency pairs and with over 250+ listed coins, it is one of the larger crypto exchanges out there.

As the platform has grown over the years, it has added new features such as staking, mining, and many other investment opportunities that can earn you passive income on the side without ever needing to do anything.

How it Works

Sadly, simply connecting your wallet to BKEX is not enough, and you’ll have to create a full account before you can do anything at the site. But, once you have this up and running, you can start to check out what the platform has in store.

If you have crypto in your wallet already, this can be easily connected to BKEX to transfer your money. Otherwise, you can purchase crypto directly through BKEX using a credit card and fiat currency. Once you have money in your account, you can begin to invest it as you please.

You can view price fluctuations in real-time, meaning you can make a profit simply by buying and selling at the right time on a given day. However, the most lucrative way of earning money is through mining or staking

Mining and Staking

To earn easy, passive income, you can invest some of your money into mining or staking pools. These provide liquidity for trades to take place over the exchange, and so encouraging users to lock in their cash for this is essential. BKEX achieves this by offering users regular rewards when their money is invested in a liquidity pool.

Gas Fees

These days, offering a platform with low transaction fees is essential, and large prices have been one of the main issues holding cryptocurrencies back. BKEX really shines here, and prices start at around 0.15% for market makers and 0.2% for takers. However, the exact fees depend on many factors, primarily the type of coins being traded.

In Conclusion

BKEX offers an easy-to-use, cheap crypto exchange with a few DeFi features available. It features a large range of trading options and cryptocurrencies and includes a host of ways for you to invest and profit from the model.

Despite all this, however, BKEX has been pretty badly reviewed online. Many users have complained about the inability to withdraw funds, so, please be aware of this when using BKEX to exchange your crypto.

Even without this issue, however, BKEX doesn’t exactly push the boat out when it comes to exchanges. It’s ok, sure, but it fails to bring anything new or unique to the table, meaning this platform is likely to sizzle out of life eventually.

Exchange NameBKEX
Volume (24H) $1,036,453,768.92
34,419.96 BTC
CountryBritish Virgin Islands
Established Year2018
Website https://www.bkex.com/

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