About LocalTrade Exchange, Sign Up Info, Market Fees & Trading Volume.

LocalTrade exchange 24 hours trading volume is $1,605,434.34 (53.16 BTC). LocalTrade is established in year 2017. This cryptocurrency exchange is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

localtrade crypto exchange

About LocalTrade Exchange

Founded in 2017, LocalTrade is one of the UK's cryptocurrency exchanges and is based in London. The platform is developed in a manner that makes it easy for cryptocurrency traders to swap their assets. The escrow mechanism integrated into the exchange ensures that none of the traders are fraudsters and that the money they deal with is safe.

LocalTrade Exchange Sign Up

Trade like never before with LocalTrade if you sign up for the service. Using the currency drop-down menu, choose the item or service you want to buy. Transactional fees begin at 0.2%, and the automated system will handle the specifics of your payment. It won't take long for the funds to show up in your account.

LocalTrade Exchange Fees

The cryptocurrency trading platform, LocalTrade, is one of the world's most popular exchanges. Its flat price strategy gives it an edge over other exchanges since it doesn't charge various fees to takers and manufacturers. The flat rate for LocalTrade is 0.20 percent, which is somewhat lower than the industry average of 0.25 percent.

This platform competes well against the majority of other leading crypto exchanges because of its cheap BTC withdrawal costs, which are below the industry average. Many exchanges offer low trading costs, but then you have to pay a lot to withdraw money from your account. When you withdraw Bitcoin, you'll be charged a fee of 0.0002 BTC.


To bridge the gap between traditional finance and the crypto business, LocalTrade offers the most profitable, efficient, and secure financial tools to everyone in the crypto market and to individual investors who want to buy and sell crypto.

The mission of LocalTrade is to provide DeFi-related goods and financial services. They hope that by enhancing the user experience, they may become a gateway to DeFi. Using a CEFi approach, LocalTrade's solution relies on the notion of a well-established industry. The majority of customers are already familiar with the basics of trading platforms and exchanges, but they want to go all the way down the trading ladder instead of stopping at the top.


Exchange NameLocalTrade
Volume (24H) $1,605,434.34
53.16 BTC
CountrySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Established Year2017
Website https://localtrade.cc/

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