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Feathercoin (FTC) – Similar To Bitcoin Only Faster

Feathercoin (FTC) Review

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many other altcoins, Feathercoin is a strong open-source digital currency with monetary characteristics similar to fiat money. It is a heavily modified piece of software behind the hood that is distinct from the Bitcoin and Litecoin protocols. Former FTC co-founder formerly worked on the project for almost a year, creating NeoScrypt. In a way accessible to everyone’s involvement, he says he wants people to be able to explore and expand on technology.

What Is the FTC?

Feathercoin was designed to be as light as possible, which is why it was given the moniker Featherlight. The currency benefits from its quicker block processing (one block per minute) and the amount of 336 million coins that are mined each day (of which about 278m are currently in circulation).

Who Is Behind The Project?

The Feathercoin coin was launched in April of 2013 by Peter Bushnell. This blog entry was published on April 16th, 2013 regarding the launching of Feathercoin on bitcoin-talk. Though the project is led by its creator and a tiny but dedicated group of open-source contributors, it is currently in the midst of constant development. Bushnell states that he does not have any intentions of putting an end to his involvement with the project as long as it remains open-source.

How Does Feathercoin Work?

Feathercoin is an improved and modified version of Bitcoin that has many additional capabilities that are not commonplace among other digital currencies. Using two wallets that function just like Bitcoin, but with quicker block processing, is extremely accessible to users. Feathercoin has mobile wallets and block explorers that support it. These projects are open source: physical Feathercoins, Raspberry Pi-based hardware projects, and ATM and Point of Sale devices.

What Are The Main Features?

The Feathercoin wallets are constantly up to date with the latest Bitcoin Core releases, making them easy and safe. Mobile wallets provide users with the freedom to spend and receive FTC on the move, and the community provides further assistance. Merchants do not have to bear network expenses, which keeps payments quick and worldwide with close to $0 rates.

It is the same technology that powers Tether and MaidSafe that is used for Feathercoin’s payment mechanism. To avoid 51% cyberattacks and quick settlement times, it utilizes automated checkpointing. It’s feasible to settle transactions within one minute due to the Feathercoin network’s one-minute block period.

Is It Possible To Mine Feathercoin (FTC)?

Because NeoScrypt, the proof of work mining method of Feathercoin, requires graphics cards to mine. As a result, this makes Feathercoin mining accessible to everyone, which gives Feathercoin a more decentralized foundation.

What Are The Different Feathercoin Applications?

You may use Feathercoin to pay for products and services by converting the value of your money into currency. A broad ecosystem exists around Feathercoin, which includes desktop and smartphone wallets, as well as merchant software that accepts Feathercoin as a payment (BTCPay).

What Is OmniFeather?

The OmniFeather asset lets you use a standard layer of Feathercoin technology to generate tokenized assets (fixed or managed) on top of the Feathercoin blockchain. A decentralized exchange to trade tokens for Feathercoins is also included. This is an excellent strategy since it allows you to start with an indivisible token, then afterward to increase its divisibility to eight decimal points. For things like Proof-of-Existence data, you should define the total number of tokens, their names, category, subcategory, URL, and any extra text data that may be utilized.

Is There A Feathercoin Wallet?

An Electrum-FTC (Feathercoin) lightweight desktop wallet is an excellent option for Feathercoin users. In contrast to a full node, which keeps all of the network transactions, it only saves the relevant transactions that are relevant to the wallet’s users through a process known as SPV. Electrum’s go-to wallet for securing large quantities of Feathercoin has built-in support for hardware wallets. Only changes to the upstream Electrum project will be made outside of Feathercoin.


You may register at an exchange, and after you have a wallet for holding Feathercoin, begin filling it up with Feathercoins of your own. There are several exchanges where you may purchase and sell Feathercoin. Although the project is not that old, it has shown itself through time, and there is a good possibility that it has already hit its peak. More new NFT initiatives are capable of increasing their scope of achievement, and they have the potential to increase substantially.

Further Feathercoin Information

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