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Illuvium (ILV) Review

In order to enable users to collect collateral and have access to governance, yield farming, and weekly payout, Illuvium is a completely decentralized system. It was designed from the bottom up to enhance the value of the $ILV token and provide players with a AAA experience. Illuvium deliberately gives people involved in the protocol the ability to define the project in the future.

A decentralized gaming economy provides the best fusion between the interests of stakeholders looking for growth, and gamers looking for open access devoid of corporate interference. By having gorgeous, functional, and rare NFTs, as well as a high replay value, Illuvium will keep players interested in the $ILV protocol longer, ensuring the stability of the underlying NFT assets and the token pool.

Why did Illuvium choose Immutable X?

At the moment, the average cost of NFTs is $15 at the time of writing, and trade volumes for NFTs are falling. This is because members of the network provide gas prices to rapidly settle their transactions. Immutable X modifies this, enabling users to exchange their NFTs using what is known as Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollup without incurring gas costs. This gives you a number of advantages, including saving on gas prices and making it easier to use your NFT.

The key benefits of Illuvium NFTS are:

  • You keep your NFTs at the same degree of security as mainchain Ethereum, something not seen in other scaling options such as Matic and xDai.
  • Transactions are instantaneous, verifiable, and trustless. 
  • Contrary to previous methods, you do not have to purchase, trade, transmit or receive NFTs using a unique L2 token.
  • Thanks to off-chain minting, you get more innovative and appealing game mechanics and design.
  • In the near future, Immutable X will provide full general computation with the aid of Cairo technology.
  • Immutable systems can handle more than 9000 transactions per second.
  • Immutable X additionally works on enhancing the NFT liquidity so that you can discover what you need as a buyer, and you can find someone that requires your NFT as a seller. 
  • Illuvium has developed a method for purchasers to acquire assets (single and bulk) swiftly and simply on the basis of an NFT underlying property. This is an important development in today’s high-friction trade.
  • Immutable X provides pooled liquidity, which enables assets to immediately be listed on any exchange supporting Immutable X.

Minting, Burning, and Exchange

You seek, fight, and capture monsters called Illuvials in the Illuvium. To accomplish this, you need a shard; a specially crafted crystal sliver that captures the beast’s quantum signature. A successful capture results in a new NFT token depicting the Illuvial in your wallet. You fuse them together when you capture a handful of the same kind, which combines the existing tokens and mints a more powerful monster.

Unchangeable X facilitates this important process by allowing gamers to just explore and enjoy the environment. For every little change to their collection, players are not harassed by continuous GAS charges. And transactions occur considerably quicker, so gamers can concentrate on what they came to accomplish.

The Illuvium Game

The game is set on a devastated planet, maybe the legendary birthplace of the civilization of your species. The deity-like animal may be captured and controlled in crystal slivers called Shards, mined from the surface of the planet. In order to discover the secrets of the planet, you become a Hunter and go across the country to subdue and capture Illuvials and to open the Obelisks.

There are more than 100 Illuvials in the world to be found and collected, each with its own unique powers. They establish symbiotic connections, termed synergies, based on shared affinities or classes. Various synergies provide various advantages for your team, so you can outplay your opponent. Fusion enables you to fuse several Illuviales of the same kind into a more powerful animal with diverse characteristics.

If you fight the mysterious Illuvials, they are saved in a shard and join you on your own Odyssey. Fighting will strengthen them, increase their levels and enhance their power. If you gather three of them, each reaching their threshold level, you may combine them into a single, stronger monster.

The origins of the Illuvials are a mystery, yet they are also related to the elements of that strange planet. The most powerful ascended form is linked to two elements (frozen = air + water) or greater bonds (Fire = Air + Water). Make sure your squad is selected strategically. Your Archeleon may be powerful with its overgrown affinity (nature + nature), but it’s a serious disadvantage in the fight against the Inferno Illuvial.

The Illuvial classes are divided into five classes: Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Psion, and Empath. The decisions you make about the class of your Illuvials will influence the result of your fight against the wild Illuvial. Create an optimally synergistic squad in features and characteristics which can operate together as a single combat unit.

The Illuviary # 1

After the accident, you stumble across an almanac with the phrase “Illuviary.” Indoors, you will discover an index of all the Illuvials, but all of them are locked. To open your entry, the Illuvials must be found and their digital signature recorded. If you are the first person in the universe to find a specific digital signature, your name will appear in the Illuviary database next to your discovery.

How To Play Illuvium 

Players may start the game free of charge and master the mechanics. Many areas are to be explored, but most players are unavailable to the first generation. Over time, the players will acquire obelisks that will enable them to travel to new, attractive and difficult areas where they will battle and collect new Illuvials.

In-Game NFTs

Players may gather Illuvials in-game assets and collect them throughout the universe. As they are discovered, their capture rate will vary, since it is essentially linked to the number caught. The challenge of capturing Illuvials is also growing as you go across the globe. If a player succeeds in capturing something uncommon and strong, it may be very profitable.

How The Battle Arena Works

Other players will fight to show who the best hunter is. These players will wait for a ranked arena in which they may match a random opponent of the same ability, or in ad-hoc matches in the Leviathan Arena, summon other players. Other players will be able to watch and bet on the results.

The Illuvium Exchange

The Illuvium exchange is the Illuvium DAO online marketplace that allows players to purchase and trade all NFTs. IlluviDEX is mostly exchanged for Illuvials, although any NFTs that are discovered in the game may be traded there.

How Mining and Harvesting Works

In addition to combat storage and aid, your PSD may also harvest materials from the surface of the planet and make them into useful objects. The terrain is covered with mineral deposits, unclean shards, and rare jewels. Use your drone to manufacture weapons and armor suits after collecting them by infusing the materials with energy.

What Are Shards?

Shards are arguably the most essential item in the game, and if you meet a rare illuvial, you’re always going to want something accessible. Shards exist in different classes depending on their capacity to catch Illuvials. The stronger they are, the tougher they are to capture. The grade of the shields you take from the ground is arbitrary, but the rarest are the strongest. If you want to be sure you can capture everything you have on the globe, then IlluviDEX should be searched for where other players would gladly sell you their shards.

What Are The Weapons?

You, the player, engage in combat using futuristic weapons that may be loaded with gemstones that contain the essence of the Illuvials, so that you can produce an aura that enhances your Iluvials in combat. Your choice of weaponry also defines your class, giving your side extra advantages. Like most other NFTs in the game, weapons may be sold on IlluviDEX.

What Is The Armor?

Your choice of armor may influence the fight since each suit has distinct characteristics. Each suit is made of Illuvium mined articles and you have to wait until it regenerates if your armor is sufficiently damaged. Armor may, like most other NFTs in the game, be sold on IlluviDEX.

What Does Imbued Mean?

Imbues are aesthetic modifications that may add value to the collection of players by further distinguishing their purchases from others. Imbues are modular in nature and may be applied to many products or sold on IlluviDEX. Diverse things, such as weapons, armor, and even your drone, may be infused into the game.

What Is The Game Engine Used?

Illuvium is constructed with 4.26 of the Unreal Engine. The struggles are performed in a C++ simulation that performs the game in less than a few milliseconds. This is then connected to the Unreal Engine where it is displayed. The simulation is deterministic, which implies that the server may retain extremely tiny input values and can replay any match. Illuvium can archive every fight ever played.

How The DAO Governance Works

The genesis of the Illuvium project was to create an open, transparent, and community-led collectable NFT game. The council is a five-person committee that governs the Illuvial Discord Channel, enabling members to vote for their favorite candidate. The eDAO then gathers together all prospective council members and prepares the candidates for the vote.

What Are $ILV Crypto Tokens?

ILV crypto tokens are listed on the exchange for ILV was developed by the team from Illuvium to recognize participants in their open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. ILV is going to begin trading USDT and BTC pairings.

Earn Tokens by Providing Liquidity

A Liquidity Balancing Bootstrapping Pool is intended to enable DeFi protocols to obtain capital with less liquidity than would normally be needed in the seeding of a pool like Uniswap. Naturally, the price of a token in a BLBP will decrease, matched by regular ‘bumps’ when the token returns. In principle, the price should ultimately discover some value, which the entire market considers an exact token worth.

The amount of ETH spent on all purchases at the conclusion of the bootstrap is converted into points at a rate of a single point per ETH. These points may be used to rescue promo NFTs that are only accessible shortly after the sale. This only applies to those holding all ILV purchases until the NFT selling window is closed.


Illuvium is an NFT decentralized and auto-fighting game based on the Ethereum network. Included in the Immutable-X L2 solution, Illuvium players have access to $0 gas costs for minting and trading assets and to sub-second transaction speeds, all with user custody. It leads the way in the creation of the future generation, one of the most interesting blockchain gaming initiatives that has revolutionized the industry.

Further Illuvium Information

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