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Meme (MEME) Review

A recent historic milestone has been achieved for the $MEME token community, as its Telegram group has now surpassed 3,000 members and its market value has exceeded $1.2 million. In 30 minutes, all three airdrops were completed, the contract was deployed, and liquidity was secured. It aims to be the ultimate meme token for the DeFi community.

The next-generation meme farm platform is called $MEME. Token generation and airdrop happened within 30 minutes, then the community built around it grew rapidly. As a result, the team behind the project has been hard at work on the following: describing the governance, products, and strategy for the project. The team will be focusing on enhancing meme-farming techniques for the general public.

How Meme Protocol Yield Farming NFTs Work

A decentralized system for farming NFTs known as the Meme Protocol is an experiment in DeFi yield farming and crypto collectibles. DeFi members get limited-edition NFT memes by staking their assets. In addition to funding, project administration, equitable distribution, and collectible currency, the “money lego” bricks of the meme include speculation, administration, liquidity, and governance.

Meme NFTs Collections

The NFTs will be initially divided between two staking pools: Genesis, where users lock up $MEME, and Genesis LP, where Uniswap ETH/MEME LP tokens are used to mint new NFTs. These two pools will also contribute to the growing token liquidity and success of the platform by increasing the amount of circulating supply.

To get your share of the rewards, you have to stake a portion of your crypto and earn brand-new, unique crypto collectibles. Earn 1 pineapple point each day for every $MEME (locked up in the Genesis pool) that you hold. It is possible to keep up to 5 $MEME stored in your bank at any one moment.

Adding enough pineapples makes it possible to mint your own NFT. The amount of pineapples required to mint varies depending on their scarcity.

Meme Genesis LP Collection

Each time you place UNI LP tokens in the Genesis LP pool, you will get up to 5 LP pineapples. If you have a large number of LP pineapple stashes, you may mint a legendary NFT from that stash. Currently, there is no method to automatically create NFTs. Therefore, if you choose an NFT on the website and submit a claim transaction, it will create the NFT for you.


Ultimately, the $MEME token holders have power over the Meme Protocol. The current governing body of the protocol is the Meme Citadel, which is held by holders of at least 100 tokens. Future efforts include developing new NFT collections including prominent crypto memes, collaborations with DeFi (distributed financial technology) projects, for artists and developers, on-chain remuneration tools, and the release of NFT gaming products.

Further Meme Information

  • degenerator
  • Meme
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  • Market Cap
    $3.15 M
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