NFT Defi Crypto Tokens

List of NFT Defi Tokens 2022

NFT Defi Tokens

The next decentralized finance model is Defi (decentralized finance). Blockchain technology is being used to facilitate a new financial transaction model, which is non-centralized and does not include conventional financial institutions and middlemen.

What is Defi?

DFi is an abbreviation for “decentralized finance,” which may refer to several different cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial applications. Defi uses the underlying technology of the digital currency bitcoin, which enables several entities to each maintain a copy of the blockchain, as its source of inspiration. Because of this, the number of potential use cases increases, including financial.

What Can It Be Used For?

Decentralized finance strives to eliminate middlemen who sit between participants in a financial transaction using technology. Use cases and a software stack that allows the creation of decentralized apps are key components of Defi. The development of the Defi infrastructure and application cases is in its early stages.

Earn Tokens By Defi Staking

When you stake tokens into a smart contract, you’re essentially locking those tokens in and earning more of the same token in return. In most cases, the native asset of the blockchain is the token at issue, such as Ether in the case of Ethereum. Stakers are encouraged to keep their assets on the network for a long length of time, receiving incentives for their efforts in maintaining network security and decentralization.

Earn Tokens By Providing Defi Liquidity

By aggregating your tokens into pools that include less volatile assets, such as WBTC/ETH, you will be able to make money. You will make more by increasing the number of transactions performed in that pool. You may use LP aggregators that constantly feed real-time data into your system and assist you in assessing the future profits you may get from different pools. When deciding how to optimize earnings, liquid pools like SushiSwap or Uniswap are excellent choices.

Earn Tokens By Defi Yield Farming

You will get tokens indicating your pool’s stake when you invest in a DEX like Uniswap. In yield farms, you get either more of the same token or a new token as a reward. When yield farming, it is crucial to research the platform so you know it is honest and developers are not going to take your LP tokens.

Earn Tokens By Defi Lending

The interest rates paid by Defi lending platforms on their smart contracts depend on how much assets their customers deposit into the contracts. Interest is paid on these tokens, which borrowers use to pay interest. There is no danger of the borrower failing to return their loan since the whole lending and borrowing procedure is controlled by smart contracts. Decentralized finance offers small companies a means to increase their financial riches while helping to fuel the liquidity and value of the ecosystem as a whole.

What Is A Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

A DEX links users directly, without the need for confidence in a middleman, so they may trade cryptocurrencies with one another. Users that need to convert other currencies, such as fiat and cryptocurrencies, will often utilize this kind of platform.

Are Stable Coins Defi Tokens?

Defi made it possible to create stable coins, which are now an essential part of the crypto ecosystem. Stablecoins are valued by their association with a reliable and predictable asset, like gold or the US dollar, to maintain their price constant. As a result, stable coins gained use during risk-off periods in the cryptocurrency market, as these assets acted as a haven for investors and traders.

Is Ethereum A Defi Token?

Unlike other types of blockchain, Ethereum is more like a new kind of distributed ledger that is better suited for developing decentralized apps, often known as dApps. Ether, the cryptocurrency that incentivizes its usage, is the second-most-valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. 

How dApps Work

The Defi app software enables users to send and receive money without any kind of middleman. Defi operates off of a public, decentralized blockchain network, as well as stable coins and Defi (decentralized applications) that are known as dapps. Blockchains gather and connect data chunks so that previous transactions are recorded and can’t be changed.

List Of Defi Tokens

Many new Defi projects are being released each month that all have new and exciting ways to earn free crypto tokens. Below, we have compiled a list of the best Defi blockchains for 2022 that provide the best staking, farming, and liquidity pools.

(SUPER) SuperFarm


The SuperFarm is a cross-chain Defi protocol that aims to connect any ERC20 token to the blockchain, allowing it to function as an NFT farm without the need for any programming. It’s also possible to mint and trade NFTs using SuperFarm. Using these new custom rules, you can now easily deploy the world’s most interesting new nft farm. The Super utility token is the platform’s primary coin for governance, fees, staking, and NFT airdrops.

  • superfarm
  • SuperFarm
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $40.93 M

(DEGO) Dego Finance

Dego Finance

Dego is similar to Lego bricks in the Blockchain ecosystem, providing goods and solutions which are simple to use and quick to integrate. The DEGO Ecosystem’s governing and equity token is Dego. DEGO holders may join the community proposal and decision-making processes and can earn dividends every time. Dego has adopted a fully fair, entirely transparent, and completely merit-based distribution method that does not include private placements or pre-mining. Liquidity mining creates DEGO tokens.

  • dego-finance
  • Dego Finance
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $10.07 M

(VISR) Visor Finance

Visor Finance

The Visor Finance protocol contains modular components that enable active asset management within Defi protocols. It enables users to mint and store assets in an NFT vault. The vault assets can interact with specific hypervisors and supervisors. It connects your Visor assets to external Defi protocols for a wide range of applications. As with other widely used Defi protocols, participation is expected in all areas to promote adoption.

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(SYNC) SYNC Network

SYNC Network

The latest platform to release a new class of crypto assets is the SYNC network. When the sync network combines two contracts, which are known as SYNC (ERC-20) and crypto bonds ERC-721, that’s known as a sync network. This application will offer SYNC token pairing and bonding with other digital currencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum. With the trustless transfer between wallets, trustless trading through auctions, and trustless evidence of long-term position, there are many trustworthy applications.

  • sync-network
  • Sync Network
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $1.28 M

(DOKI) Doki Doki Finance

Doki Doki Finance

The ultimate goal of Doki Doki is to foster a community of Doki (holders) and liquidity providers (funding sources). DStake is the primary product, and it distributes Doki (DOKE) tokens among four distinct pools. The staking pools will give out half of the entire quantity of tokens. The concept behind this design decision is to prevent an APY bubble from expanding to unsustainable levels that would bring in even bigger investors and make them sell shares early.

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(ABYSS) Abyss


The ABYSS Token is an ERC-20 token, which is built on the Ethereum network. It’s also utilized for buying items and as a platform bonus for Abyss players. Other platforms don’t include motivating and multi-level referral systems. In other words, gamers may make money by engaging in activities that add to their gaming experience as well as by processing payments made by other players in games.

  • the-abyss
  • Abyss
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $3.84 M



Loot box technology is used in conjunction with digital finance and virtual currencies to create an NFT farming platform called NFTLootBox. The company behind the platform wants to build a better society where those who game the system by committing fraud are punished while those who play by the rules are not. 

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(ROPE) Rope


$ROPE is a full-scale decentralized ecosystem that uses the “market volatility index” to link the crypto market to the conventional financial markets. Using the strength and speed of the Solana Protocol, $ROPE is working to deliver the absolute best of De-Fi to the people. ROPEV is a Defi-based volatility token that provides a volatility index measuring investor greed and anxiety for the cryptocurrency markets. Users may now trade according to the market’s volatility instead of market movement.

  • rope-token
  • Rope Token
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $203.75 K

(UNIC) Unicly


The overall goal of Unicly is to provide a decentralized, user-controlled NFT protocol that allows people to tokenize their assets and trade them. Other Defi features, such as yield-and yield-sharing, liquidity-mining, and staking, are also provided. The platform includes an NFT creator that is very simple to use, as well as an automated market maker (AMM) that has a marketplace integrated. You may now design your own digital tokens, as well as get the best pricing every time you trade on the site.

  • unicly
  • Unicly
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $2.68 M

(WHALE) Whale


Backed by a unique and highly valued collection of nonfungible tokens, $WHALE is the world’s first Social Currency. It has one of the world’s largest libraries of unique and precious non-fungible tokens kept inside the Vault. Only ten million $WHALE will ever be produced, with each $WHALE’s launch value backed by a total of ten million dollars. The growth of the community, brand identity, and applications for $whale as a Social Currency is critical to the project.

  • whale
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $10.32 M

(LAYER) UniLayer


UniLayer is a next-generation decentralized trading platform that incorporates Uniswap as an integral part. When all transaction costs are pooled, LAYER tokens are utilized to facilitate transactions. Stakers will get 92% of fees, as well as ETH and LAYER liquidity pool liquidity providers.

  • unilayer
  • UniLayer
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $1.62 M

(NFTI) NFT Index

NFT Index

The NFT Index, often known as the NFTI, is a digital asset within the Decentralized Finance (DEFI) sector. The Index aims to keep tabs on the performance of NFTs in the market. For traders and investors who wish to purchase a complete set of tokens, this method shortens the process and saves both time and money. Now it includes eight projects.

  • nft-index
  • NFT Index
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $1.25 M

(RFOX) RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs

RedFOX is a business initiative that offers a highly sophisticated payment mechanism that is making waves in the industry. As long as you keep current with the latest financial markets, the always evolving protocols for networks provide an infinite number of obvious features that will assist you in making the best financial choices for the current economic model.

  • redfox-labs-2
  • RFOX
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $14.38 M
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