NFT Social Tokens

List of NFT Social Tokens 2022

NFT Social Tokens

New methods of revenue generation and motivation for influencers and producers have been devised. The term “social tokens” refers to cryptocurrencies that are created around brands, communities, or influencers. Social Tokens are a new way of making money online using the blockchain and not conventional monetary procedures.

How Do They Work?

Social tokens let artists and influencers monetize their work on social media. Creators may make money by selling their digital assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or their tokens, and patrons can support creators by purchasing these. With social tokens, the financial upside is shared with one’s favorite creative, while also providing tiered access, which is tokenized depending on active contributions.

Can Anyone Create A Social Token?

Anybody may build their own social token, but these tokens only serve the needs of individuals who are financially supported by the transmission of their creative products via the internet. They allow artists and their communities to re-align their interests.

Keep an eye out for fraudulent cryptocurrencies and pump-and-dump schemes that may damage your connection with your community. However, some of these initiatives have the potential to increase in value in the long term, with all the success they will have in helping to bring about a better social environment.

How To Create Social Tokens?

Social tokens can not be generated via self-service platforms. To get your own social tokens, you must collaborate with a platform to generate them via the minting process. You may give your social token a name that references yourself or your community. 

Once you have created your community coins, publish an announcement on social media to start an initial coin offering (ICO) and for anyone to buy your token in advance. Invite your most dedicated followers to redeem the tokens you’ve issued. and try to increase the token holders’ rewards to the community.

How To Earn Free Social Tokens

With the Social Token, you may be paid for things you do for the community and then turn them into money. The price you’re able to purchase a token at is affected by how much you believe the growth of the community will increase. The value of your tokens increases as the community expands and they earn more tokens. Social Tokens give you access to purchase various items with them, allowing you to acquire different things for free.

List Of NFT Social Tokens

If you are fed up with social media platforms like Facebook exploiting your details for personal gain, now is the chance to make the change to one powered by the blockchain. You will earn lots of rewards in NFT social crypto tokens along with your personal details not being sold. Below is a list of the best projects for 2022 that you can take part in.

(THETA) Theta Network


The highest-grossing NFT run service is Theta, with a market cap of $7.3 billion at the time of writing. Theta markets itself as a decentralized, peer-to-peer video service powered by the user. To use Theta, you must buy some of their NFT coins (creatively called Thetas). The team behind Theta state that it is designed to help the big video streaming giants, such as YouTube, save money on operating costs.

Traditionally, streaming services use inefficient Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver their content to viewers, apparently amounting to 40% of their operating costs. Conversely, Theta uses a “mesh network” which shares the unused bandwidth of people who are currently active and then rewards users with tokens based on how much bandwidth they shared. These tokens can then be exchanged for fiat cash, or traded back into the network to allow the use of services such as avoiding ads or viewing premium content.

Theta is great because of its immediate use in the real world. Changing the way video streaming works means higher quality videos and faster buffering, and the prospect of potential VR video streaming. Also, the ability to earn more money while using the service is a great incentive.

  • theta-token
  • Theta Network
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $1.07 B

(NAFT) Nafter


The Nafter platform allows well-known personalities to have their moment captured with an NFT. Fans may get their hands on very collectible tokens, which they can save and later sell or exchange. Everyone is welcome: to sportspeople, artists, singers, and celebrities, as well as photographers and creators.

  • nafter
  • Nafter
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $446.29 K
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