NFT VR Tokens

List of NFT VR and AR Tokens 2022

NFT VR and AR Tokens

NFTs are currently making waves in both the art community and the digital world, making both worlds collide in a way that has never been seen before. You’ve probably already heard of NFTs before, and may even have seen examples of art NFTs for sale on the internet. However, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) don’t always need to be attached to the artwork. They can come in all kinds of media, including virtual reality and augmented reality digital collectibles. In this article, I will be showcasing the glorious new world of VR/AR NFTs, how to own one, and how they are changing the world as we know it.

What Is A VR/AR NFT?

If you’ve never heard of VR/AR NFTs before, they are essentially proof-of-ownership tokens. These tokens can be attached to a digital asset via the blockchain, and when you buy one, the token will live in your crypto-wallet until you decide to sell it again. This process is called “minting,” similar to how coins are minted, and it proves their authenticity. They can not be forged, and only one token will exist, making the owner of the token the sole proprietor of the piece of digital media. Once owned, your virtual reality or augmented reality digital asset can either be stored for personal viewing, shared on the internet, or resold.

Are They A Good Investment?

If you are looking at purchasing your VR or AR digital artwork as an NFT because you plan to resell it and make some extra money, you want to remember that the marketplace is still young and volatile. There is no process in place to control the pricing of any asset, and remember, being an art form, the NFT is only worth what you can find someone to buy it for. Even if, theoretically, your NFT value goes up 2000%, it’s useless unless you can find someone to buy it for that much.

Is The NFT Bubble Going To Pop?

Many people have been comparing this NFT boom to the bubble of the late ’90s. When that bubble burst, thousands of online companies went bankrupt and closed down. It is fairly easy to see this happening in the NFT market. However, one look at the internet over 20 years later, you can see that, despite the bubble bursting, it wasn’t the death of the internet. If anything, it helped create the internet, removing the most useless sites and businesses but keeping the most useful ones. It was like Darwin’s theory.

The same will probably happen in the world of NFTs. But, a little bit of smart investing will go a long way. Instead of investing loads of money in poorly produced, underground artists, your safer bet is to invest your money in a famous band, one who will still be remembered in years to come. So, even after the bubble bursts and all the useless NFT AR/VR tokens get burned, you can guarantee yours will still be worth something.

List Of NFT VR/AR Tokens

You can explore the future by taking part in an NFT VR/AR blockchain project. You will need to purchase the platform’s crypto tokens to be able to perform actions and purchase virtual and augmented reality no fungible tokens. We have done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the top-performing platforms and tokens for 2022.

(TVK) Terra Virtua Kolect

Terra Virtua Kolect

The Terra Forma platform enables you to build stunning 2D, animated, or even 3D NFTs. Use our Terra Forma tools to design your own digital collectible. Holding a specific number of TVK memberships grants benefits in Terra Virtua Prestige. If you are an artist or 3D modeler, and you have access to these brand owners and creators, you may join the brand owners and creators marketplace. This will allow you to work with other creators and collaborate on great projects.

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(VIBE) Vibe

Vibe is a utility coin that utilizes Volumetric video technology for “holoportation” to display individuals from many disciplines, like music, art, education, sports, etc. With volumetric video technology, a performer’s lifelike holographic image is captured in a live environment and streamed around the world. Streaming also enables the user to engage with the virtual environment, making for a personal, engaging VR experience. In the beginning, it was utilized by artists and event organizers to help each other out as a means of booking.

In addition, you may participate in real-time audio conversations with the artists by using VibeHUB. The resulting VIBEHub VR environment is customized by the piece to produce and simulate performances for the user, making the user feel as though the performance is taking place in their own living area.

  • vibe
  • VIBE
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $761.81 K

(REVO) Revomon


A blockchain project that wants to create a Pokemon-inspired world is now under development, under the name of Revomon, or Revolution Monster. It is planning to operate on the blockchain, and in virtual reality, it will use collectible monster game principles. Using their real-life motions, players will be able to simulate a trainer and interact with a virtual environment. To catch and train monsters and to advance in the game, players will need to engage in physical activities. It aims to create a new business model through the use of blockchain technology.

  • revomon
  • Revomon
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $2.5 M



Blockv has set out to establish a platform where developers can construct virtual images that are equipped with smart capabilities on the blockchain, and then seamlessly trade such things. BLOCKv’s original prototype was shown initially on the bitcoin blockchain, but the concept may be used on other prominent blockchains such as Ethereum. The service aims to give new life to cryptocurrencies by creating digital products that turn them into assets for consumers.

  • blockv
  • BLOCKv
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $6.12 M

(SPH) Spheroid Universe

Spheroid Universe

A decentralized augmented reality social networking site that prioritizes the privacy and happiness of its members is referred to as a spheroid universe. It offers users more control over their data, including getting paid rewards for ads along with freedom of expression. A new revolution in real estate AR technology has begun, thanks to the arrival of the platform.

  • spheroid-universe
  • Spheroid Universe
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $1.97 M



The whole planet is covered by a digital layer known as OVR. The layer is made up of a huge number of hexagonal structures that are known as OVRLands. In a decentralized manner, lands may be bought and sold, or leased. Custom experiences linked to particular geographic areas will be contextually relevant. OVRNodes, a decentralized IPFS network, will hold all of the AR and VR materials.

  • ovr
  • Ovr
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $21.24 M

(WILD) Wilder World

Wilder World

The Metaverse guided by all the Wilders of the World heralds the coming eruption of unfettered creation. Through the worldwide art network, members may create, discover, collect, and share their favorite NFT artworks. Artist empowerment The distribution of money back to creators who earned it: by changing the artistic experience and empowering artists.

  • wilder-world
  • Wilder World
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $36.11 M
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