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Playcent (PCNT) Review

A gaming blockchain service that enables users to design their own interactive games, mini-apps, and memes using different pre-designed templates, such as game design, app development, and meme creation. Similar to Gumroad, Playcent applications provide comparable functionality, but they don’t require users to leave social networking sites to use them or trade them.

Playcent strives to level the playing field for non-technical creators by enabling anyone with little to no computer programming knowledge to build interactive applications, games, and other user-generated content in minutes. According to research, there will be almost 3.5 billion people worldwide who use smartphones in 2020. The average social media user spends 50% of their time on social media and messaging applications. Because Playcent makes use of the web views that run on all the social media platforms, it is especially well-suited for game developers.

What Are Hyper-Casual Games?

Playcent is a company that makes casual games for companies, individuals, and celebrities to engage their audience. Currently, the business pays game developers $15–150k to create hyper-casual games with a development period of 4–12 months. Playcent benefits from lowering both costs and development time, which enables it to capture market share early.

How Does Playcent Operate?

A website that developers may use to create templates for any kind of online application, including games, memes, and applications, is known as a “playcent.” The templates that power pennies are the fundamental web apps. Using Playcent, games creators may discover and modify existing templates, then create their own pictures, text, music, and more to share them on the web.

With Playcent, developers may use other developers’ applications as a template and then customize and publish their own apps. Developers can build their own version of the Playcent visual control library via remixing. Developers may include the Playcent visual control library to port existing applications to Playcent.

Is There A Playcent Wallet?

NFT tokens may be stored in the wallet, which is based on and Biconomy. Microtransactions and other in-app purchases such as tipping are available to you through PlaycentPay. You may use the Playcent wallet to do gift coupons, top-ups, and payments and settlements.

Are There Any Rewards Available?

Every user’s actions are recorded by the Smart Contract oracle, and the data is transmitted to the oracle together with the reward, which is then distributed to the user’s wallet every day. It will be 15% of the total token supply for Playcent users to enjoy the rewards. 

Reward tokens are intended to draw a diverse variety of artists and players to the ecosystem, along with rewarding them with token rewards and giving them ownership and influence in the community. Rewards allocation is another way of describing the funding used to spread the word about the Playcent ecosystem.

How Does the Playcent NFT Marketplace Operate?

A digital collectable marketplace where you can mint, buy, and sell without any scripting or programming expertise. Discover, create, acquire, and trade exclusive and hard-to-find blockchain assets without coding. Try searching for the use of rare digital assets in pioneering initiatives, particularly with scarce cryptocurrencies. To make them accessible for purchase and trade, store the assets in your Playcent wallet.

What is the PCNT Crypto Token?

The PCNT native coin exists on both the Matic and Ethereum chains, serving as a basic utility token. The currency will serve as the foundation for the system and be used to participate in the ecosystem as well as serve as a governance token when the governance module is released. 

Participants who hold a PCNT stake will have the ability to claim benefits in the form of incentives if they support the growth of the platform, engage in platform-related governance activities, play NFT games, and contribute to user-generated content projects.

Who Owns Playcent?

Playcent is using PCNT to develop into a decentralized, community-owned organization. When PCNT is disseminated among PC users, this procedure happens.

How To Stake PCNT Tokens

To receive incentives, token holders may stake their PCNT, which entitles them to 1% each year. The initial incentives will be set high to encourage user growth, and as Playcent matures, the payouts will progressively go down. When necessary, stakeholders may participate in governance voting.


You may use Playcent to remix the game templates developed by independent developers to create games, mini-apps, and memes that react to your input. The app platform is open to anybody who wants to utilize it to build their own applications and games from scratch. With the worldwide uptake of blockchain gaming and the new wave of token gamers, the future is bright for blockchain gaming.

Further Playcent Information

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