Polychain Monsters – Play To Earn NFT Trading Card Game

Polkamon (PMON) Review

With the use of blockchain technology, Polkamon is a digital collectible. Each Polkamon has its own NFT backed by a unique non-fungible token that can be unpacked using PMON crypto tokens, the Polkamon platform’s native ERC-20 currency. There is no other item like a collectible. Polkamon NFT-based designs are ideal for use in contemporary games, artwork, and other commercial goods.

These very animated digital collectibles called Polychain Monsters, offer various rarity levels. The PMON-backed Polychain Monsters each have their own NFT and may be unpacked using PMON tokens. Unpack PMO tokens to uncover ultra-rare Polychain Monsters and other collector’s items.

What Is The PMON Token?

Incorporating this PMON token gives the project unparalleled liquidity by enabling a two-way exchange between the NFT and. By burning PMON with each swap & reverse swap, each further trade & reverse swap will cause a rise in the scarcity of your NFTs. Be one of the first to get your hands on PMON, and uncover a treasure only you can own.

How To Earn Free PMON Tokens

Use PMON tokens to stake on Polychain Monsters and get extra PMON prizes with every swap.

What Blockchains Is Polkamon Available On?

Find ultra-rare monsters (polychain monsters) with $PMON on the Polkadot, Ethereum, and many other blockchains due to its cross-chain solutions.

What Are Polychain Monsters?

Polychain Monsters vary greatly in appearance and rarity. You will get ultra-rare variations as well. There are many tones of Polychain Monsters that mimic different shades of the rainbow.

Glitter Polychain Monsters

If you find a Polychain Monster with dazzling glitter, you have an exceptionally uncommon and unusual Polychain Monster.

Horn Polychain Monsters

However, all Polychain Monsters have horns, and they have different shapes and rarities. This mystery will eventually be solved.

Ultra Rare Polychain Monsters

One-of-a-kind Polychain Monsters are sometimes seen. These ultra-rare species mimic Crypto Universe initiatives. The Bitcoin Dragon, a mythical Polychain Monster, was recently found.

How The Polkmon Ecosystem Works

In native mobile applications and widgets, Polychain Monsters will exist. Collectible items in digital form, like Polychain Monsters, are unrivaled in aesthetic appeal and inherent value. When you own PMON tokens, you can explore and display your collection, purchase more tokens, and receive up-to-date information about the world at all times. Your unique polychain Monster collection increases in value and diversity, and don’t let your favorites be separated from you.

How Proof Of Ownership Works

Non-fungible tokens back Polychain Monsters, which means that, as the only owner, you will be able to use the expanding library of polychain monsters in contemporary games and artwork.


Polkamon is a cross-chain NFT network that uses booster packs to help increase the number of participants in the crypto ecosystem. They will have to attract the crypto community into the Polkamon ecosystem first to make this goal a reality. They have begun the cross-chain trip by working with Elrond and Polygon, both of whom are at the beginning stages of their voyage. This is your opportunity to forge connections with the growing network of early adopters who are widely distributed throughout the globe.

Further Polkamon Information

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    $4.41 M
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