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Revv (REVV) Review

The REVV token is the primary utility token and in-game money of Animoca Brands’ branded racing games. It is used as a cross-title tool and powers the Play-to-Earn gaming concept. The tokens are assets interchangeable with the same kinds of tokens so that one token has the same value and features as all other REVVs.

What is REVV Token?

The token of REVV is intended to be the money for purchases, use, and action in supported racing games. Supported games include F1® Delta Time, the official Formula 1® blockchain game, and MotoGPTM, a new game that blends strategy and management with motor racing excitement.

It also enables whitelisting contract operators to ensure approval-free transfers throughout the company’s contract ecosystem. This creates the possibility for frictionless, native meta-transactions, namely the ability to move blockchain transactions utilizing REVVs as a payment token for gas without the native ETH token being needed.

The entire REVV supply is set at 3,000,000,000 tokens.

The REVV Token Ecosystem

The aim of REVV is to act as a single currency connecting many Animoca Brands gaming games based on intellectual property in motorsports. It is used to buy unique F1 ® Delta Time NFTs. The quantity of NFTs accessible for purchase is proportional to the circulation amount of ReVV.

What Are The Entry Fees?

F1 ® Delta Time players pay REVV for all gaming modes, including Time Trial and Grand Prix. Rewards for gameplay are provided by a percentage of each race’s gaming costs and will be utilized for player awards, which are awarded to participating players depending on their competition success. As part of the gameplay, small fees are given to the track owners as dividends.

How To Earn REVV Crypto Tokens

Staking Owners of Race Car NFTs are allowed to “stake” REVV crypto tokens, which are calculated by the rarity and value of the NFT and the staking duration. Players may participate in REVV themselves and earn extra REVV dividends and NFTs in exchange.

The 6.020,000 REVV staking pool is designated for the 2019 NFTs and is valid for 12 weeks after the staking feature is launched.

The game operations pool will provide incentives for gaming when new features are implemented by boosting the prizes for the first commitments.

Advertising and marketing pools are utilized for marketing efforts, including advertising airdrops.

MotoGP Blockchain Game

Animoca Brands is developing a blockchain game based on the Grand Prix, popularly known as MotoGPTM (“MotoGP“), the FIM Road Racing World Championship. The MotoGP game combines strategic and managerial skills with the tremendous excitement of motorcycling.

The REVV Community

The REVV Token is presently focused on an audience using English as their common language, with ambitions to support other languages in the course of the project. A considerable share of current activity happens as the first product accessible in the REVV ecosystem in F1 ® Delta time channels.


Exciting times are coming, as Revv is planning to extend the F1® Delta Time REVV ecosystem, with a game in development based on MotoGP and a third title to be revealed in the near future. The implementation of staking initiatives to encourage the involvement of the community makes this project an appealing proposal. It has a solid staff and a fantastic marketing team behind the project, so I anticipate Revv being popular in the not too distant future.

Further Revv Information

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