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Signature Chain – The Blockchain Document Certification Platform

Signature Chain (SIGN) Review

Typewriters are still used in several third-world nations, and most work is done on paper, necessitating the use of file cabinets and boxes. There is currently no technique for certifying and validating documents that are not reliant on other parties. Anyone with access to papers may readily modify them to their advantage, whether it’s to mislead or hide illegal activities. Signature Chain aims to put an end to this via its blockchain document certification technology.

The Signature Chain project’s goal is to create a blockchain certification platform that anybody may use. The primary purpose of Blockchain Certification is to improve the performance of current systems and models while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. They intend to assist other Wave Ecosystem initiatives by providing a customized WebWallet to existing and future Waves blockchain projects.

What Exactly Is Sign Crypto?

The Sponsored Fee function on Signature Chain allows consumers to simplify their experience by utilizing just one token, SIGN. For the token to work, you’ll need to do the following: SIGN will use RIDE and Smart Contract in-app version 2, executing recallable functions with invoke the script and invoking recallable functions with RIDE. 

To make things simpler, Signature Chain will make certification packages available for purchase in Fiat for those who need them. Once the Fiat payment has been received and processed, it will be instantly converted to SIGN. A white list will then be created for the account, and the certification charge will be applied to the number of certifications for which Fiat has already paid.

What Can a Signature Chain Be Used For?

Signature Chain has a wide range of applications, including file certification, email certification, multi-party agreements, patents, diplomas, and other features. An original hash may be generated by any file, and any modifications will result in a new hash. As a result, the hash of a digitally signed original file or document stored in the blockchain can be simply and publicly confirmed. From simple documents and email certification, SIGN’s platform promises to deliver a wide spectrum of innovation.

Is There A Signature Chain Wallet?

It is possible to copy programs and to share a wallet online service with other Waves projects as part of the SIGN web application, which is currently under development. Additionally, a convenient in-app token purchase option is available inside the dedicated wallet. Furthermore, a simple activation method enables Signature Chain partners to incorporate part or all of the SIGN Certification features into their own wallets.

Which Blockchain Is My Signature Chain On?

Signature Chain has decided to use Waves for its blockchain because of the ease with which new keys can be created. As a result of using Waves-NG, a consensus method developed from the Bitcoin-NG scaling proposal, Waves’ success may be attributed to the company. Network latency is the primary cause of transaction processing delays on the blockchain.

What is Blockchain Certification Proof?

The application’s key feature is the ability to certify any file or document. A cryptographic key is assigned to a file based on the file hash, which is computed automatically. By default, the document’s file name is the certification’s reference, but this may be changed if necessary. Each document or file that is broadcast and digitally signed on the blockchain includes a PDF icon that can be downloaded to show the Proof of Certification. It can also be shared to show the legitimacy of a document or file.

What Is Sign Art?

When it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption, Signature Chain thinks that providing tools and solutions that are useful in the real world will help the technology gain acceptance and mainstream adoption. A decentralized art gallery and platform are now being developed by the firm in collaboration with artist Joey Gates, where artists will be able to display and validate their work on the blockchain.


Signature Chain is gearing up to deploy a slew of innovative initiatives, including WEB-WALLET, a Waves-specific wallet service, and the impending Digital Certified Art Gallery. This is a game-changing initiative since they are at the forefront of document certification and will be a major player if they can capture the majority of the market share in this area. Do not anticipate any immediate returns, though, since there is a long way to go before this sort of technology is completely implemented.

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