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SOTA Finance – The NFT Multi-Chain Digital Content APP

SOTA Finance (SOTA) Review

SOTA is a digital content NFT app that runs on a multi-chain platform, allowing users to effortlessly produce, sell, and purchase digital content. Users may earn SOTA crypto tokens by participating in platform activities such as receiving airdrops upon sign-in and contributing to the network’s farming. Those who possess SOTA tokens have the opportunity to farm special edition NFT versions offered by selected artists, propose/vote for additional features, and/or get incentives.

The platform’s goal is to connect various content marketplaces with renowned entertainment personalities and media outlets so that followers of such individuals may purchase additional digital editions of their works. Using the platform, NFTs may also be traded across other marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

How Does SOTA Finance Work?

The SOTA digital content NFT application is made up of several different chains where users may produce, sell, and purchase various digital content versions. NFTs that are suspected of copyright infringement may be reported by users. As with other social networks, creators will have their digital identities (which represent their wallets) similarly linked to their work. This validation will allow the creators to be assured of their authenticity.

The SOTA platform is trying to create a multi-chain NFT platform where creators and consumers may utilize whatever blockchain they choose. Because most accessible NFT generation engines use the Ethereum network, generating new NFTs has become more difficult, and SOTA Finance aims to provide the solution to this problem.

How Does the SOTA NFT Market Work?

NFTs are advertised in USDT (or BUSD), but customers may buy them in a variety of other cryptocurrencies as well (e.g., Uniswap). To start, the platform will charge 2.5% of the purchase price and the sale price for each NFT that is sold on the platform. A predetermined royalty charge is taken from the earnings and sent to the NFT originator in exchange for sales.

This system allows an owner of an NFT to change their pricing and the information in their listing (name, description, etc.), as well as to deactivate their NFT on the Sota marketplace or permanently delete it.

How Does SOTA Finance NFT Farming Work?

To earn Pumpkin points (which were originally set at 1 pumpkin per SOTA token), SOTA token holders will stake their token. There is a pool of creators who have agreed to participate in the platform. This pool contains creators that want to give out NFTs as payment. Pumpkin prices will also be determined by the creators who are required to farm the NFTs.

Which Blockchain Is SOTA Finance On?

Utilizing the same technology as the current ERC-20 token network, the TomoChain is a new open-source non-transactional currency (NFT) network that will allow makers and collectors to generate and transfer NFTs more cost-effectively when compared with Ethereum.

The SOTA app will be installed immediately into TomoWallet, with SOTA conveniently accessible via a smartphone. SOTA is in collaboration with the TomoChain team to guarantee that TomoWallet holders have quick and easy access to the SOTA platform.

How Does The Governance Of SOTA Finance Work?

SOTA holders will be able to submit suggestions and vote on them. Users who provide value or take part in voting receive SOTA tokens for doing so. Year 3 will begin with 5% of platform transaction fees going toward governance.

Is There Going To Be A Mobile App?

A new mobile app will be created to make it easier for consumers to use the SOTA platform from their phones. Any digital information may be pulled from the user’s phone to establish an NFT, and the assets can be transferred and traded at any time using the mobile app.

What Exactly Is The SOTA Token?

The SOTA crypto token is a profit-sharing and governance token for the platform. SOTA is awarded to users every time they exchange NFTs. A total of 100 million coins are assigned to the market. CertiK performed an audit on the token contract. It is a well-known security firm for blockchain applications.

What Are SOTA NFTs?

Using the same format and standards defined by OpenSea, the SOTA NFTs metadata is compatible with any ERC1155-compatible system. To prevent the SOTA system’s private key from being abused, the system uses a cryptographic signature to indicate whether or not an NFT was minted by the system.

The huge digital content file serves as the SOTA NFT’s heart, but because of the prohibitively high cost of storage, it is wasteful to keep it on-chain. All digital content files will be kept on the IPFS network, which is decentralized and mature. All digital content files will be saved on the IPFS network. For the SOTA system to maintain an IPFS cluster, it maintains an IPFS cluster to pin the files.

SOTA’s digital content management system may scan NFT files to identify duplicate items and stop such items from being submitted again. In addition, there is a reporting feature that enables the user to flag material that is unlawful or violates SOTA’s terms of service. SOTA will ignore incorrect content and delete it from the network.

How Do Royalty Fees Work?

When the sum of royalty fees collected reaches a certain level, the creator has the option to withdraw it. Make sure to check out the SOTA NFT marketplaces‘ regulations regarding royalties. When an NFT is sold outside of SOTA, the marketplace will almost certainly not follow these restrictions.

What Exactly Are Pumpkin Points?

Pumpkin points are earned when users invest in SOTA. ERC20 tokens are not transferable, so pumpkins are not points. An administrator-vetted group of creators can choose which NFTs may be redeemed. The flagging of an unchecked copy makes it unusable.


SOTA is an ERC20 coin that will soon be sold on another platform. In subsequent stages, Sota may launch a decentralized auction handled by a smart contract for high-profile NFT artists. Many people are willing to pay more for material from well-known producers. Auctions serve to level the playing field and provide both vendors and artists with the maximum amount of money. SOTA Finance has lots of updates to come, which makes it one of the most exciting projects in its niche.

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