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Spheroid Universe (SPH) – The Decentralized AR Social Media Platform

Spheroid Universe (SPH) Review

A single, continuous layer of augmented reality is superimposed on the Earth’s surface using the Spheroid Universe. The user may design, build, and display items, as well as manipulate, interact with and assess them. The user can also communicate and leave behind evidence of their existence in this new virtual environment.

The primary function of the platform is to serve as the basis for an augmented reality social network that incorporates Spaces as its economic model. Spheroid users can create their own virtual worlds, group them into communities, and share engaging content. Then, they can interact with their friends, enjoy themselves, and make new connections.

In the Spheroid Universe, developers, artists, and ordinary users all have opportunities to engage, participate, and profit in an open and decentralized manner. Platforms like this one, in which the platforms’ owners, instead of an organization, get the revenue from advertising, are popular among advertisers and publishers. International trade volume is estimated to be around $246 million a year.

What Does the Spheroid Universe Project Hope to Achieve?

The goal of the Spheroid Universe is to provide people and business enterprises with the finest AR services on the globe. In 3 to 5 years, AR will become as commonplace as the usage of navigators, communicators, and virtual worlds on smartphones, glasses, and consoles. 

The platform was developed as the starting point for this new realm. Their main objectives are: Create tools for self-discovery in augmented reality and provide a platform for self-expression. Create an AR-social network that will attract millions of supporters. It creates an advertising marketplace and new communication methods for businesses.

What is the SPH Crypto Token?

Spheroid tokens (SPH) were distributed to 10,000,000,000 Spheroid Universe residents. The tokens are not for public sale during the ICO and may be replaced with any crypto-token backed by ETH. They may be purchased and traded for money in the main markets without restrictions.

How Does the Spheroid Universe Work?

Spheroid Universe is a decentralized network where nodes utilize fog computing and IPFS to create a 3D environment referring to and storing geographic coordinates. The goal of the network is to create the Geo3DAR reality independently by utilizing smart contracts and fog computing. The system is built on intelligent smart contracts and profit management. Mining of the virtual machine node and containerization, which allows the environment to be launched on any server or device, are examples of fog computing.

Spheroid Universe is a software application that enables users to participate in the digitalization of the Earth’s surface and to get access to digital and new lands. The software uses NFT gamification mechanics. People may simply gather data in a gaming style to get access to the spheroid world. The software will be accessible for Android and iOS users in the future.

It is essential to provide a customized programming environment to guarantee the greatest simplicity of use for beginners and complete control for professionals. The items produced on the platform should have the following characteristics: high performance, minimum time to market, cross-platform compatibility, and be energy efficient.

What Is The Aim Of The Platform?

The platform will be built on open source code and will be accessible to any business or developer that wishes to utilize it to develop new AR digital goods or contribute to the development of already existing products.

The SPHERO Universe AR Social Network

Innovating in the areas of business, communication, and entertainment, the Spheroid Universe social network is a must-visit. Using visual items, photos, videos, audio files, and text notes as starting points, users may build augmented reality publications. Using characters to inhabit a brand’s world, for example, will allow them to lead customers to the shop while also educating them about new items.

The interface allows users to create and “like” material, and users may also produce AR publications for brands, as well as sell the opportunity to create AR publications for these companies. They learn about the previous activities of their friends at the same locations via AR publications, pictures, videos, and audio recordings. Advertisers may also appear in an environment to showcase goods, all to promote their brand.

Augmented Reality Advertising:

A unique advertising communication tool that was previously inaccessible to the public is now available via the Spheroid Universe platform, and this instrument will engage the audience in new ways. Use and implementation of innovative brand interaction techniques and creative audience engagement strategies may be used. 

Advertisers will be able to develop and control their own branded augmented reality (AR) applications, establish connectivity with the platform, and choose what kind of information will be shown. The process will be powered by the Spheroid Universe artificial reality token SPH.

A Spheroid Universe for Artists

Spheroid is a platform enabling artists to express themselves creatively, get fame, and monetize their work. The processes involved in this kind of procedure also include app developers, who create applications, plugins, and tools for creative individuals. An artist may sell the rights to the usage of their 3D item all over the globe, as it has already been done once.

A Spheroid Universe for Developers

The platform enables developers to build applications and plugins, while audience members, like the general public and brand advertisers, may utilize plugins to interact with project audiences. Individual solutions for enterprise businesses are included in the first monetization model. It includes the development of instruments, plugins, and applications for the NFT marketplace.

A Spheroid Universe For Space Owners

The Spheroid Universe is a new kind of AR advertising market where space-owning companies get most of the profits, while IT businesses remain far behind. Advertisers will be able to upload their own AR items and set location, timing, and quality settings while running the sample version of the service.

As the Spheroid Earth evolves, accuracy, depth, and fine-tuning will be provided. Real-world data in the form of 3D models will augment the usefulness of Spaces as additional elements. The size of the Earth serves as a limit to the total number of Spaces, but if advertiser activity and projected audience growth rise, the price of Spaces will climb.

The Spheroid Universe Space Marketplace

An AR market, which allows artists to earn money and sell their work, allows users, advertisers, and developers to purchase and use the works they want to publish. Determine whether a certain space is profitable on the secondary market, and buy and sell spaces if they are. On every platform, users have the opportunity to suggest new platform features, cast votes in favor of features, become involved in the conception of instruments that actualize their interests, and earn compensation for the concepts they support, promote, and execute.


The Spheroid Universe monetary model uses both cryptocurrencies and fiat money to complete transactions. For B2B and C2B interactions, using conventional currencies is especially critical since there are restrictions on cryptocurrencies in most countries. sIn the near term, fiat transactions will enable the business to grow the ecosystem’s economy while attracting and engaging with audiences. If AR becomes mainstream over the next few years, the Spheroid Universe is well-positioned to become one of the leaders.

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