Terra Virtua Kolect

Terra Virtua Kolect – The Immersive VR Blockchain Platform In The Metaverse

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) Review

Terra Virtua offers a unique membership service in the Netflix style that offers access to VR content via games, eSports, films, live shows, and more. TVK will function as a currency on the platform that allows users to access the content. The currency will also allow VR developers to access Terra Virtua areas to host their own content.

Terra Virtua is a revolutionary virtual world that focuses completely on immersive VR entertainment, which is based on powerful social and community engagement. This new, fascinating virtual reality platform consists of distinct areas with different entertainment experiences in each zone.

In addition to enabling the players to create their own groups of existing friends, Terra Virtua will be a highly sociable environment. You may join a team in Escape Room Encounters, Combat, Sports, and much more.

The Terra Virtua App

The Terra Virtua App is an additional ‘AR’ app. Players may update their vFlect and immediately engage with vFlects from other players via the app. They can explore the marketplace for in-game boosters or supplements, push them to fresh and attractive content, and special offers.

Live VR Sports and eSports Broadcasts

Terra Virtua is a virtual reality platform for broadcasting live events such as eSports competitions, movie broadcasts, and theater performances. Virtual arenas are planned across the Terra Virtua platform.

Is Terra Virtua Safe?

Terra Virtua’s identity and gameplay data storage will be based on a blockchain-secured network. Player accounts and the most important game data (e.g. ownership of valuable items) are stored and protected with an encrypted name/value store added and continuously updated directly into the Terra Virtua blockchain.

Blockchain-based timestamps will also be used, so if disputes arise in a game channel analogous to “closing” a Bitcoin payment channel, they can be resolved by referring back to the record of events immutably recorded on this blockchain and tracked by the timestamp. By mixing the timestamping property of blockchain technology, it provides a fraud proof protocol that ensures the occurring data can never be lost or manipulated by any Terra Virtua participants.

How To Use TVK

Gamers will receive more on the platform for their money. Game creators will encourage players by means of in-game discounts and awards to utilize Terra. In the purchase of in-game content, Terra Virtua Kolect holders may get extra discounts.

The payment gateway provides players with many additional payment choices.

The app is planning to enable credit card usage, Bitcoin, Ether, Kolect, and other local payment options.

The VR token will be able to be staked to become eligible for the Prestige club, allowing to earn platform bonuses, early-access, and NFT airdrops.

In contrast to Google, Apple, and Steam with tight deposit limits, limitless deposits and withdrawals may be made on the platform.


Virtual Reality 2.0 begins with Terra Virtua. The platform has features and functions which concentrate only on the user experience and the content. Terra Virtua is more real-world than any other VR experience.

The user experiences a mixed reality as never before by interacting with the Internet of things enabled devices outside Terra Virtua. I anticipate user behavior and requirements, in the long run, to adapt to this cryptocurrency economy, producing a new kind of user with a direct influence on their current life.

Is Terra Virtua Kolect legit?

Yes, the project is legit and run by a management team that is made up of highly experienced people that have a personal record in video game creation, publishing, VR, AR, Blockchain, and entertainment. A functional prototype is already available with the capabilities of a 30+ development company.

Further Terra Virtua Kolect Information

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