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The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) Review

Enter the Crypto World and test your crypto prophecy.Play a zero-sum price prediction game against other prophets. Place your bet on the crypto futures by placing your bet and casting your spells on the candles. When it comes to combat, nothing beats unleashing the prophets’ divine vengeance.

What Is The Story Of The Game Based On?

Opulentos’ realm was attacked by an enormous army of monsters that had come from the “Great Beyond” and were ready to wage battle. Furmalum, a vile warlock intent on taking the riches of all the kingdoms in the Crypto World, was in charge of leading the army. The Oracle, who had controlled the kingdom for ages, called for the help of the renowned magician Satoshi and his fellowship of Crypto Prophets to protect Opulenceos’s boundaries.

Despite its victory, the Kingdom of Opulentos suffered a great deal of damage. It was defeated. Thousands of Crypto Prophets perished in combat, as in many adjacent countries before them. Satoshi conquered Furmalum and his army after a long battle that lasted over 100 crypto-years.

Supposedly, nothing excites Crypto Prophets more than accumulating riches, whether it’s for their profit or the benefit of their clan and the kingdom. A distinctive prophecy and a position in the fellowship are forged through experience, reputation, and influence. Convey your prophecy and secure your spot as the Crypto World’s finest Prophet.

What are Crypto Prophets?

The Crypto World is home to a strange and enigmatic prophet of magical beings known as the Prophet. They are extremely collectable NFTs that may be altered by linking them with magical skills and spells. Except for the fact that they’re “masters of magic,” prophets tend to be gluttons with a penchant for cryptocurrency.

Different Types of Crypto Prophets You’ll Find

Every race and kingdom in the crypto world has its unique kind of Crypto Prophet. In The Crypto Prophecies, Generation 1 introduces a variety of new races and prophets.

The Satoshians

There is a chaotic and unpredictable force that flourishes on the Middle Earth volcanic plains.

Satoshians are revered as mythological figures in the Crypto World.They are considered powerful wizards because of their ability to use tremendous and overwhelming magic.

Magical Source: Fire. Because of their volatile nature and link to raw energy, they have a mystical source. 

It is not uncommon for Satoshians to be mistaken for fairies and the like. But don’t be fooled. They may have demon horns and even wield their flames on the outside.

The Etherians

Territory: The Forbidden Forests and the Forgotten Wells. In a continually changing natural environment, Etherians flourish the most.

As builders, they embody the cyclical essence of life and take great joy in their duty as stewards of the earth.

Natural Source: Nature. All living creatures are connected to their magical source, which symbolizes their compassion.

It’s very uncommon for Etherians to be mistaken for little Treants, with mossy growths and flowering flowers of various intensities on their bodies.

The Ripptilians

Territory: The Great Beyond’s boundary is surrounded by swampland and subterranean tunnels. Ripptilians are attracted to areas with abundant geothermal and magnetic energy.

Folklore claims that the Ripptilians are cold-blooded beings who are cunning and cunning; in fact, some say that the Ripptilians aren’t even actual prophets.

Magical Source: Telekinesis. Ripptilians can influence, control, and manipulate matter in any form, biological or inorganic, with just their minds.

As with the Basilisk, riptilians may have long, serpentine bodies with short limbs. Some of them have numerous heads, like the Hydra of Greek mythology.

The Tezmanians

Territory: Settlements located in the interior of the world, away from the Great Beyond and the dividing lines that separate it from the rest of reality.

Since the Tezmanians have a genetic makeup that is continually changing, they may expect to live a long time. The Tezmanians, despite their outward modesty, are formidable people.

The Arcane

To generate volatile magic, massive magical tunnels beneath the Crypto World are used.You can change the past and future by using Arcane Tezmanians.

Despite their childlike appearance and typically pointed or obliquely formed heads that resemble those of aliens, the antennae on these creatures set them apart.

How to Summon Crypto Prophets

Players will need to obtain a summoning orb to summon a Crypto Prophet. The Orb summons a random Crypto Prophet from one of the game’s races when placed in the Summoning Portal. The summoning orb NFTs will be burned in the process.

The Crypto Prophet may cast a magic spell against other players in the Battle Arena with the help of the items he has equipped. Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary are all levels of prophets.

What are Founder Edition NFTs?

A single founder edition will be minted for each item mentioned in the smart contract as a Crypto Prophet. The daily prize draw multiplier for Founder edition NFTs is larger since they have legendary status by default. For OpenSea compatibility, the Crypto Prophecies universe will employ either the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token standards.

What Are Magic Items?

Only those who possess the magic power contained inside the goods discovered in the Crypto World may make use of the items’ magical properties. As a result, things containing fire magic can only be used by Crypto Prophets who have mastered the flame.

Can You Burn Crypto Prophets?

Burning five Crypto Prophets of the same race and tier will allow you to modify the tier of your Crypto Prophets. By performing the burn spell on them, you may summon a new Crypto Prophet of the same race but at a higher tier.

The NFT Battle Arena’s Operation

One must decide which of their prophets to send into battle and how many TCP tokens to stake on their success before entering the Battle Arena. Each player’s wager preference is searched for by the matching engine. Once an opponent is located or challenged and accepted, the combat will begin.

What Are the Rules of the Battle Arena?

Trading candlesticks (originally 10) are used to designate the duration of each fight. Predicting whether candles will shut up (green) or down (red) is a crucial skill for players (red). By using the green up button and the red down button, players may set their predictions on the game board.

Players will be given the option to rematch and combat after the winner of each battle has been declared. There is no obligation for players to accept or reject the invitations. Assuming both players have sufficient TCP tokens, a new combat will begin if either agrees. When the rematch timer expires, there is no likelihood of a rematch taking place.

New group encounters, such as 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3, will be available in the Arena Battle types, which will enable players to build alliances.

Is it Possible to Win a Prize Every Day?

Every game played by a daily player earns that person one entry into a prize drawing for that day. Ticket payouts depend on the tier multiplier utilized by the Prophet and the bet made by the player who prevailed in the fight. As the quantity of bets increased, so did the number of tickets issued.

Since a portion of the kingdom charge is used to fund the daily prize pool, it becomes a communal fund that grows in proportion to the number of games played and bets made. The prize draw ticket multiplier for each successful duel is determined by the Crypto Prophet’s rarity tier.

What are TCP Crypto Tokens?

The TCP coin will use the ERC20 token standard, making it a fungible token. Using TCP tokens, the ecosystem can function and generate value. There are several applications for the TCP token:

  • To place a bet in a player-versus-player game.
  • Buy NFT characters, gear, and other goodies.
  • presented as a reward in each day’s prize draw.
  • to be able to participate in tournaments and special events that are otherwise unavailable.
  • Voting rights and ecosystem governance.

How Does Governance Work?

To begin with, holders of TCP tokens will have the opportunity to vote on modest changes to the ecosystem. Involved and sophisticated governance may be considered if voting is effective with the community. Voting on monetary policy parameters, referral rewards, incentives, and prize draw frequency are all examples of this.

Is there TCP burning?

A 0x0000 address will be used to automatically burn half of the 3% Kingdom fee that is applied to all bets and platform transactions. The TCP token supply will continue to shrink as a result of this.

Which Blockchain Are The Crypto Prophecies Based On?

To support the Ethereum Blockchain, The Crypto Prophecies are developed on top of Polygon’s Layer 2 solution. At a fraction of the expense, this allows the game to grow at a rapid pace while providing the greatest possible experience for its players. A few aspects of the game will stay centralized until there is a good and reliable decentralized alternative in place.


The Crypto Prophecies is a zero-sum NFT game of price forecasting. Player-versus-player prediction matches based on the results of a candle chart serve as the primary means by which the game is played. Some of the tokens gambled will be awarded to the match’s winner.

Key Takeaways

  • Play a zero-sum price prediction game against other prophets.
  • Convey your prophecy and secure your spot as the Crypto World’s finest Prophet.
  • One must decide which of their prophets to send into battle and how many TCP tokens to stake on their success before entering the Battle Arena.
  • To support the Ethereum Blockchain, The Crypto Prophecies are developed on top of Polygon’s Layer 2 solution.

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