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Tower Token – Earn Crypto Tokens Playing The Best Tower Defense Game

Tower Token (Tower) Review

The “Tower Experiment” is an effort by Animoca Brands, a game developer and publisher, to merge Free-to-Play (F2P) gaming with the possibilities of blockchain gaming via “Play To Earn” mechanics. To keep the system stable and equitable, the aim is to create a system that preserves conventional game balance and equitability while adding NFTs, DeFi, and governance. The TOWER Token is an ERC-20 fungible utility token for the TOWER Platform.

Tower Platform Games

Over 2 million people have downloaded and enjoy playing the Crazy Kings (CK) and Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) mobile games. TOWER Tokens may now be earned in-game when these games are played. The upcoming game is the newest installment in the long-running gaming series. Crazy Kings franchise NFTs will be available for use in the game, which may be used to get Tower Tokens and take part in tournaments.

What Is The Tower Token?

The TOWER token is a means of trade, utility, and governance for the Crazy Kings franchise. Holders of TOWER will utilize it to buy things such as game cards NFTs, pay for games or tournament entrance fees, and participate in the administration of the games. The TOWER Token (or simply TOWER) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network.

The entire quantity of TOWER tokens is 10 billion. The total amount was 10 billion. The TOWER has 6 pools, and the Play-to-Earn pool is the biggest.

F2P Vs Play-To-Earn

F2P games demand a large initial payment, which is opposed to the philosophy of free-to-play. Rewards in a typical game are produced out of thin air. Your winnings in a game grow in direct proportion to the number of people competing. Over-investing in in-game assets may lead to rising prices for such items.

Since inflationary game currencies need to be generated to support the business, while deflationary currencies attempt to gain value from the virtual assets and their scarcity, F2P games work to increase the money supply, while blockchain games seek to increase the value of their virtual assets. 

F1: Delta Time, which is an enterprise blockchain, utilizes the REVV ERC-20 fungible token as its form of money, which has a limited quantity and a publicly published timetable that specifies how many tokens will be created over time. One might say that the purpose of the inflationary model of F2P gaming is to reward and promote player involvement.

Tower Game NFTs

The popular smartphone games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes will debut a new fungible crypto coin called Tower. The coins will have several uses across the Crazy Kings series, and these uses will help make blockchain games possible. Additionally, the company has stated that a new version of its software is now under development for iOS and Android smartphones.

How Does Governance Work?

Token holders will be able to contribute to and vote on the franchise’s decision-making, including setting the course for the games’ future. Owners will be able to vote on the team’s future vision, which empowers players to contribute to the game’s roadmap and gives them a real and effective voice in the team’s plans.

Tower NFTs

A new game, “Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes”, contains both NFTs: assets that are represented by playing cards in the games that have a wide range of values, quantities, and rarities. Custom collectible NFTs may be purchased using the in-game currency that the token can be redeemed for. NFTs that can be used to purchase things from the current games will be introduced in the new game.

Can You Tower Mint NFTs?

Token owners will be able to create NFTs that correlate to in-game cards. NFTs will be tradable.

Are There Tower Game Tournaments?

While TOWER will support tournament entry fees, the forthcoming Crazy Kings game will enable players to utilize TOWER to pay entrance costs for other gaming types, including tournaments. Tournaments are in-game special events that are global and test the strength of a player’s skills, tactics, and resources. Participating players’ winnings and earnings will be based on their position on the tournament scoreboard.

How To Earn Free Tower Tokens

There are currently no plans for a private TOWER Token sale, but TOWER is/can be achieved in a range of ways. Current events (for example, the Grand Tournament Colosseum) and Crazy DefenseHeroes enhance their game progress, and XP is now available to players at Crazy Kings. In the future, Crazy Kings franchise NFTs may be taken into account by players to create TOWER passively.


The Tower smart contract utilizes the same code as the REVV. Tokens for playing Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes are available. Then these tokens may be replaced by TOWER. A trading platform that allows people to trade in the currency is Uniswap, which presently lists the TOWER token.

Further Tower Token Information

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