Ultra (UOS) Aims To Revolutionize The PC Gaming Business

Ultra (UOS) Review

Ultra’s objective is to construct a revolutionary PC game publishing platform and ecosystem that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly. To achieve this goal, they want to treat developers more fairly. When using the Ultra platform, it boosts sales revenue rewards by more than 21 percent in most cases and will have quicker payments.

The EOSIO blockchain, designed by Daniel Larimer, the creative software developer behind SteemIt and BitShares, is the foundation of the Ultra Protocol.

The Team Behind Ultra

David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot, as CEOs, gathered the 50+ full-time collaborators and three Industry Advisors who comprise the Ultra team. The Ultra team is largely composed of video game industry veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and influential IT investors with a track record in both Asia and the West. With a lengthy history in the gaming business, a global network of connections, and many team members who have held senior roles at Microsoft, Google, and Ubisoft, the Ultra project is ideally positioned to create big future change.

The Problem That Ultra Is Trying To Solve

Slightly more than three-quarters of the PC gaming industry remains untouched and developers increasingly ignore “app stores” This is a group of developers that do not support Steam’s 30% revenue split or a wish to maintain greater control over their readership. Nevertheless, outside of Steam, gaming developers are failing to create a complete and consistent experience for their customers.

What Is UOS Crypto Token

All of Ultra Games’ purchases of games, virtual objects, and services use smart contracts that use UOS tokens. Ultra users can take advantage of all of the benefits that Ultra has to offer, such as a reward program, beta testing, bug reporting, and the ability to exchange digital products for UOS tokens. 

How Ultra Is Going To Benefit Game Developers

To have access to a variety of new business and marketing tools, makers of games may use game marketing tools effectively. Gamers and developers alike will have additional money sources to choose from. It will ensure a sophisticated token-based economy for incentivizing referrals, digital products, and loyalty schemes.

How Does The Ultra Platform Benefit Gamers?

Gamers may quickly and easily download and start playing games within moments after purchase, utilizing the advanced software downloading technology. Participating in beta testing, viewing advertising, and curating games earns them Ultra Crypto tokens.

Gamers may have a lot more fun and get a better gaming experience when they use third-party game services such as online tournaments, trading items, and more in Ultra. In addition, all users will get to experience a unique AAA material which is only accessible on Ultra.

Gamers will discover an exciting and lucrative open market for old digital games they own. They will also have a referral scheme through which they may earn Ultra Tokens.

Does Ultra Have A Mobile App?

The Ultra Go mobile app is a helpful tool for designers and developers. Offering features tailored to mobile users on the move, providing additional revenue streams for game players, and consistently engaging with customers to improve retention are all benefits that this app has to offer.

Selling Games And In-Game Digital Assets

Receiving an extra income share of all secondhand resales enables developers to give games and in-game products a fresh life, as well as increase their earnings. Blockchain second-hand resale features are completely optional.

How Mining Ultra Coins Works

The blockchain network is protected by the use of Ultra’s blockchain technology, which doesn’t require users to utilize their GPUs. They have the power to allow other blockchains to mine different blockchains. It is easy to get started with Ultra Miner as all users need to do is to click a single button to begin using the smart miner.

Once all of the mined altcoins have been sold, the remaining balance is used to acquire Ultra Coins from cryptocurrency holders, who then sell the Ultra Coins to mining participants.


Middlemen and industry giants like Steam, Apple, and Google have a considerable influence on the PC gaming business. It is difficult for developers to distribute their software outside these businesses due to the control these businesses have over the market. To boot, Ultra has the potential to disrupt the video game industry and level the playing field for everybody engaged.

One issue that I came across when writing this review is the planned token release timetable. There is going to be a significant volume of tokens that will be issued in the coming years. To offset the significant number of tokens that might be issued, the company notes that these tokens won’t go to investors’ wallets, but to the Ultra team for strategic allocations (Partners, Core, Content Acquisition, Growth).

This problem has been somewhat addressed. The team behind Ultra have made it clear that they want to keep the community updated with their allocation strategy in the future. While the message is not the most reassuring, the team has been rather open in what it has done up to this point.

Further Ultra Information

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