VIDT Datalink

VIDT Datalink (V-ID) – The Validation Blockchain That Eliminates Document Fraud

VIDT Datalink (VIDT) Review

According to a recent study, VIDT Datalink (V-ID) is the de-facto standard solution for document fraud. The service uses generic and trusted concepts to allow any publisher to validate and verify any digital asset. Airbus Defense & Space, ESHRE, and Vitrumnet are among the first customers currently using V-ID.

The use case involves the following file types:

  • Photo material
  • Reports
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Inspection certificates
  • Legal documents
  • Audit trails
  • Due diligence trails
  • Goods documentation
  • Tracking data
  • Video footage of the video footage
  • Logistic Documents

WIDIDI, the V-ID business, works on a platform to ensure that users may check their identification in seconds. In 2018, WIDIDi will conduct a large-scale VIDT Token sale to raise money for the service’s growth. Token sales are intended to speed up the development and growth of V-id as a service.

V-ID will become a leader in file fraud, much like SSL has been a market leader in secure internet connections. The V-ID token provides a tangible added value to identify issuing companies, save digital fingerprints on an intelligent contract and handle validation fees.

V-ID is a service that utilizes blockchain technology to prevent digital file fraud. The users of V-ID may be split into two groups: makers and beneficiaries. Once a creator registers a file, the receiver may check the validity of this file. This validation procedure ensures that the registrant of the file reflects the entity who issued the file.

How The Validation Process Works

VIDT is a virtual cryptocurrency that may be used to transfer data between organizations. Validation by a qualified V-ID employee and self-validation may be carried out in two ways. The data relating to these transactions on the blockchain is completely visible, enabling complete transparency of the issuing entity and the verified file.

Who Is The V-ID Competition?

A pilot study has been undertaken by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with 111 students who got a digital version of the certificate. A copy of the diploma may be downloaded only by the student, and the receiver can not subsequently verify the authenticity of the certificate. The idea only works with an app and is not yet publicly accessible.

DiguSign is a project being developed around the DigiByte currency by a group of enthusiasts. It utilizes a digital document signature and stores it on the blockchain. No clients yet, although Digi Byte says it has over 1,000 users. Civic is another ID verification service that provides a similar personal identity validation service (passports, etc.).


VIDT Datalink (VIDT) is a new and unique solution that allows the transfer of paper file fraud from one location to another. The V-ID service method is not particular to market or application and thus has great potential to expand and, therefore, become the de facto standard. It will start its H-Program, an award program that awards token holders every quarter following the reference day. 

For a variety of online identity, rights, management, and file validation applications, V-ID tokens are utilized. V-ID token holders registered in the H-program and holding at least 100K are eligible for a quarterly V-Id token bonus. An equal number of bonus tokens were purchased by the VIDT Datalink organization.

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