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Visor Finance (VISR) – The Defi Liquidity Mining Platform

Visor Finance (VISR) Review

The Visor was developed to address the major problems in the current liquidity mining environment in DeFi. This NFT allows the user to engage as normal with current DeFi protocols but through their NFT. That implies that a cash incentive program may accept the lock of LP tokens, but instead of placing the tokens in the smart contract of the project, users stake or lock them into their own NFT-and still get the benefits.

How It Works

When anyone hears the term NFT, they mostly think of digital art or in-game assets. However, one of the earliest use cases for an NFT was Urbit’s Urbit Star. With Urbit and an accompanying UI, the user may control his/her identity as a nuclear component of a larger p2p network infrastructure to help drive a clean-slate operating system via Urbit NFT.

Visor Finance has developed an NFT for an application case that is not connected to art and gaming but directly interfaces with DeFi protocols.

The Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool

A Liquidity Balancing Bootstrapping Pool is a pool intended to enable a project to create liquidity by varying asset weighting. This is a fair launch that equals distribution amongst participants because the price curve is intended to respond dynamically and publicly to free-market forces.

How The Liquidity Minting Pool Works

The liquidity minting phase consists of many rounds of incentive periods for liquidity. However, to optimize the minting and first use of Visor NFT by important DeFi contributors throughout our first stage of the incentive program.

The first stage aims to award tokens to a broad variety of smaller, highly engaged DeFi members.

A whitelist where only addresses who participated in active governance in previous protocols are eligible. The whitelist consists of addresses participating in the off-chain governance of any or on-chain Compound governance protocol.

Liquidity Minting Pool (Phase 2)

Phase 2 of the VISR Rewards Program will concentrate on liquidity incentives. This is also complemented by the use of a Visor NFT. Additional stages of Liquidity Minting Incentives will be placed shortly following phase 2 and will concentrate with partners on the uniquely used liquidity minting NFT.

Is Gas Free Expensive?

Minting an NFT requires a considerable amount of gas to complete the transaction. For this reason, a part of ETH and tokens will be made available to support NFT Minters who are on the whitelist for the first time.

Are There Any Bounties Rewards?

To promote the standardization of the use of NFT Smart Vaults in DeFi, specific rewards and incentives must be created to encourage the participation of developers and the community. These are listed in their Discord channel for general rewards and paid out depending on successful accomplishment. These are provided and paid for development benefits via the Gitcoin platform.

Who Is The Team Behind The Project?

Visor was created by an anonymous group of DeFi veterans working at top DeFi businesses to provide a vision for the next generation of self-decentralized finance.

How To Buy VISR Crypto Tokens

You can buy major cryptocurrencies using Coinbase or BlockFi using money. After you buy Bitcoin using Coinbase, you will be able to transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange for the purchase of other digital currencies, such as Visor.Finance.

Does Visor Finance Have Its Own Wallet?

Visor.Finance develops its own wallet software that can be downloaded from the website and which enables Visor.Finance to be stored on your computer. You may keep your cryptocurrency on a mobile app or special hardware wallet for ultimate security.


In order to cover the cost of Visor, its future development, and possible initiatives, 10 percent of the tokens will be given to the Visor smart contracts, the Web App, marketing and help with the continuing development.

Additionally, they aim to create a liquidity seekers’ interface to make liquidity requests, that enables fine-tuning filters to be added, where the request is not only based on asset kind and quantity, but on time, reputation, and rates.

Due to the fact that little is known about the team behind the project, I am cautious about investing.

Further Visor Finance Information

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