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Vulcan Forged (PYR) – The AAA Fantasy Decentralized World

Vulcan Forged (PYR) Review

The Vulcan Forged platform started as a tiny digital art NFT platform and has rapidly expanded to include more than one game studio, a digital art game marketplace, a launchpad, and is the fifth largest NFT marketplace. Their business has increased, from a few people trading under $3 million in NFT volume to over 7,000 users and about $3 million in trading volume.

The ‘AAA fantasy decentralized world’ ‘VulcanVerse’ sold out in a matter of days and is now in early alpha gaming, with developers, gaming companies, and award-winning writers on board.

What Is The PYR Token?

PYR is a transferable representation of attributes described in the Vulcan Forged platform’s protocol/code and is meant to be utilized only on the platform and across multiple gaming contexts. The PYR coin is an ERC20 token that will eventually be moved to Matic.

In the Vulcan Forged ecosystem, PYR will serve as the native platform currency and will be used as a means of settlement, a means of staking, and a utility token. An example of this is that a user might use VulcanVerse token incentives won by playing the game on the platform to acquire VulcanVerse assets.

Additionally, ten percent of every PYR transaction will be paid out to reward pools and distributed to ecosystem participants. The use cases for PYR are endless, and over time it will overtake VET as the market token of choice.

PYR empowers the site’s users to be paid for their labor and gives them the opportunity to further connect with the platform. This will be used for charge settlement, to get privileges in the Defi launchpad games, to participate in the Defi game launchpads, to receive rewards in games, to participate in gaming platform pools, and to get a price break on marketplace use.

How To Earn Tokens

Vulcan Forged offers an incredible number of games, and they’re rapidly increasing. But in the case of ecosystems, there must be users in order for them to work. For games, users are required, and play-to-earn models are working in the gaming business.

Through the simple act of playing Vulcan Forged games, users earn LAVA CRYSTALS, an off-chain value tied to wallets, without having to do anything special. 10% of the PYR supply will be given out to all LAVA holders over a period of 24 months, given out as Play-to-Earn rewards.

At the beginning of each month, users will get xPYR for every x% of the PYR in the play-to-earn pool relative to the user’s LAVA count.

How Staking PYR Works

In order to get access to exclusive functions/levels/upgrades/areas inside the gaming ecosystem, PYR tokens must be locked up and staked inside the ecosystem. To encourage this beneficial behavior, users earn PYR tokens from the Staking (Incentive) pool as a reward. Staking pays out proportionally to the number of each user’s contributions and expenditures compared to all the other users.


I think that the $PYR token will be one of the driving forces in the gaming industry’s play-to-earn model revolution. It may be gained in a variety of ways by playing Vulcan-Forged DApps, including those that include in-game virtual goods as a reward. I believe that this new play-to-earn concept will be the future of gaming and I will be closely following this project.

Further Vulcan Forged Information

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