What are Aavegotchis?

Crypto-collectibles living on Ethereum

Tamagotchi style playable NFTs with:

ERC-721 tokens

Dynamic rarity, Rarity farming, DAO-governed rules, open metaverse

How do Aavegotchis work?

Spirit power, qualities, and wearables

Staked via ERC20

Overall value/uniqueness is determined by:

Powered by Aave

$GHST Tokens

Utility token GHST

Facilitate trade inside the ecosystem

Metaverse parcel environment commitment

Use GHST to mint REALM

Earning GHST?

Leftovers distributed in-game

Pay GHST for creatures and their training

Part of the value goes into the DAO

Incentives for participation

A sustainable economy earning an income for users

Aavegotchis intrinsic value

Spirit Force is measured in staked collateral called Aavecims

Determined by rarity and assessed value

NFT Rarity Scores

Rarity score calculated using the 'universe'

Rarity changes as the game continues

Allowing for "rarity farming"

New clothes and higher lvls increase the chance for rare Aavegotchis

Rarity Farming

Tokens reward for training rare Aavegotchis

New game feature encouraging gambling and active participation

Each has a base rarity from traits and gear

If just 5% have a trait the Gotchis ARS is 95

Absolute rarity score defined by it's character

Absolute rareness value


Combining Aave with aTokens allows for interest bearing NFTs

GHST demand is high

Future availability reduction, cheap transactions, growing NFT market

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