The Abyss



The Abyss Explained

Dec- and centralized financial products

Focusing on gaming but wanting to grow into NFTs

Who Founded The Abyss?

Destiny, a Russian-based corporation

Working on TheAbyss for over a decade

TERA and Botva are Destiny's current games

The Aim Of The Project

Development of a next-gen digital distribution platform

Aims to disrupt the online game industry

Fighting rivals like Steam or Origin

Type Of Games Available

Including MMOs, P2E, and AAA titles

A wide range of video games

The Abyss Token

Earn ABYSS by recommending, accomplishing milestones, and contributing games to the marketplace

The native ERC-20 token

How To Earn Abyss

Earn tokens via in-game accomplishments or rewards

No difference in individual or collective earning

Referral schemes let you earn money

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Abyss Summary

Games are made accessible to gamers by allowing them to earn money

The platform allows game creators to sell titles to earn cash

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