Battle Pets



Battle Pets Explained

A new GameFi DApp on Binance Smart Chain

Making DeFi more accessible

DeFi turned into enjoyable games

Why choose BSC

Transaction costs and processing time are greatly reduced

In comparison with Ethereum

How Does The Game Work?

Most crucial Combat Power boosts the chances of victory in battle

Winning fights is rewarded similar to yield farming

Get ready for battle!

Battle Pets Tournaments

Place pets in ranks allowing them to farm FRUIT

Reclaim ranks by challenging a top 50 rated pet

Top 50 pets are ranked according to performance

Farming rates increase with the rank

Siege Mode

On win the players can can grow FRUIT by placing the pets in the cave

Face off against cave guards that defend one of the twenty caverns

PET Tokens

Tokens are used by participants

Including PET that is used to buy an egg and hatch a pet

Staking PET Tokens

Stake PET on BakerySwap to earn rewards outside of the game

Battle Pets Summary

DeFi game with cute animals based on the Binance Smart Chain

Acquire, nurture and equip your pets with weapons to engage in combat earning DeFi yields

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