BLOCKv Explained

New generation of a virtual goods market

Including gaming, advertising, cryptocurrency, healthcare

BLOCKv aims to be the leading platform

How Does It Work?

Enabling development of programmable, globally accessible digital items

Free of fraud and connecting digital and physical worlds

What Are The Benefits?

Allowing individuals and businesses to profit from creating, and trading digital items

Maintaining full control over their authenticity, scarcity, and lifetime

BLOCKv Smart Virtual Goods

"Interface moment" similar to Apple's

Engaging with one another will be altered by smart virtual items

Blockchain's first UI for digital products

The Developer Platform

Rewarding tokens to devs creating vAtoms

Devs access the platform through the BLOCKv Portal

Providing a dynamic UI for blockchain apps

VEE Tokens

Swappable directly via Bancor or BLOCKv

Offered by the Bittrex and Ethfinex exchange

What Are Vatoms?

Static virtual items turned into dynamic virtual products

A one-of-a-kind digital artifact

Festival tickets, interactive digital billboards, and more

BLOCKv Summarized

BLOCKv creates Vatoms NFTs

Blockchain platform enabling developers, publishers and businesses to build new digital items for consumers

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