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Bondly Explained

Reliable, transparent, and portable swap protocol

Providing you peace of mind for your next online purchase

Trust-enabling DeFi

How Does It Work?

Provides a system of decentralized services

BondSwap and BSWAP

Lets users send and receive payments via social media messaging

What Is BSWAP?

DeFi escrow service

Addresess a gap in the market for on-chain OTC

Making digital escrow commodities easier

What Is Bond Protect?

Tech was created for electronic trading

Enabling customers to sell assets they don't own to Bondly

BPROTECT is a buyer protection mechanism for crypto marketplaces

What Is Bond DEX?

Provides incentives for liquidity providers

Trade Ethereum-based Polkadot assets for USDC

A decentralized exchange built by Bondly

Staking Bondly

Connect to the BONDLY staking contract

Deposit tokens into LPs and withdraw rewards from the pool

MetaMask needed for BONDLY Liquidity Staking

Bondly Summarized

Utilize on a personal or business level

Modest requirements for easy DeFi access

Many available DeFi dApps

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