Crowns Explained

Seascape Network

DeFi & NFT games are being designed

Enhance profits via NFT staking and LP mining

Official token will be a central part

What Is Seascape?

Gaming and developer infrastructure

Explore the world of blockchain and DeFi

Games reward users that help build the network

The Team

Seascape is created by BLOCKLORDS

Medieval blockchain strategy game

Players create heroes, trade, capture cities, and collect taxes

Crowns Tokens

Boost revenue by mining and staking NFTs

Used in a series of DeFi & NFT games

pCWS Tokens

pCWS are Binance Smart Chain Crowns

CWS are used for ETH dApps and pCWS are used for BSC dApps

CWS are Ethereum Mainnet Crowns

How Crowns Work

Utilize in Seascape's DeFi game called 'Profit Circus' and future releases

Earn liquidity CWS tokens on ETH or BakerySwap

Foundation of the Seascape Network

Stake Crowns to obtain NFTs in NFT Brawl

Staking Crowns

Customers receive LP and BLP tokens through Uniswap and BakerySwap

Stake for CWS and pCWS incentives

Gaming platform built on DeFi and NFTs

Crowns CWS Summarized

Creates an environment driven by crowns

Users and devs. benefit from their favorite blockchain games

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