Curate Explained

Encouraging more people to use Curate

Gasless eCommerce chain

Purpose is fixing the recurrence of outrageous gas prices

The XCUR Token

Can be used for many purposes in the App

Purchase items, Defi Staking, earning rewards

World's first all-in-one marketplace

How Curate Works

Exchange tangible and digital items like NFTs and games

Compensates customers and merchants using blockchain technology

The token is used to reward participation in the network

XCUR Rewards

Successful deals are rewarded with tokens

Curate Stops Fake Reviews

Only confirmed accounts with reviews are authentic

Curate app users will be given a unique ID

Gas Fee Costs

Incentives are given on every transaction

NFTs will be launched from the launchpad

All marketplace transactions are gasless

XCUR Summary

Anyone publishing will be compensated in tokens

App gives inspiration and ideas for fashion, gaming, and crypto assets

Keeping them engaged in the marketplace

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