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DokiDoki Finance Explained

Providing long-term value via DeFi

Tokens are staking rewards and granting privileges to holders

What Are DOKI Tokens?

Supply is restricted at 50k DOKI

Increase liquidity on DeGacha machines

Create 15% of the ETH they produce

Given to stakers as liquidity pool incentives

What Are Azuki Tokens?

Obtain AZUKI tokens via high-yield farming directly on DEXs or mine for it

Decreases supply and offsets farmed emissions

Degacha spins burn parts of the played AZUKI

What Is DStake?

Two more riskier DOKI staking pools get the majority of the payouts

Tokens are distributed across multiple pools

What Is DTreasury?

Decentralized development fund for ecosystem awards

Controlled by token holders

Raising money through taxing DOKI product sales

What Is DBank?

Depositing stablecoins in the vaults will earn interest

Insurance system will be included


Making NFTs enjoyable, lucrative, and interesting

Built a group of people who are dedicated to the vision

Constantly developing new models

Innovation and fairness for everyone

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