DMarket What Is It?

Decentralized in-game asset marketplace

Operating on Ethereum

Trade virtual goods and cryptocurrency

How Does DMarket Work?

Trade any games items

The market, not the distributors create demand

Innovators creating game content players want to exchange

Who Founded DMarket?

Over 15 years expertise in finance and gaming

Tamara Slanova is the Co-Founder

Established the Skins.Cash gaming market

Founder and CEO Vlad Panchenko

DMC & DMT Tokens

Not to be confused with DynamicCoin

DMC is exchanged for DMT

DMC is an ERC-20 token

DMarket Dev. Benefits

Allows fans to design in-game NFT products

Expands audience and marketing reach

Access to in-game item trading

DMarket Gamer Benefits

Trustless security for each transaction

Many ways to produce, gather, and save         in-game objects        

DMarket Summary

Building a metaverse uniting participants

Billion $ digital asset industry accessible to:

Game creators, players, broadcasters, esports organizations, and fans

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