FIO Protocol



What is the FIO Protocol?

Links any app that stores or exchanges crypto

Rethinking network transactions

Adding a data layer to existing products

Providing a consistent user experience

Foundation for Interwallet Operability

Primary features of FIO

Human readable ID names

Supported tokens need no manual mapping

FIO Addresses

Independent of the blockchain

FIO Requests

In-wallet alerts allow easy money requesting

Cross-chain utility not hindering the transaction

Fully encrypted blockchain communication

Primary features of FIO

User permission ensures only approved sending


Primary features of FIO

FIO Data

Also sufficient for wallet transfers

Structured data, hashes, and references added to transaction metadata and FIO requests

Quantity and kind are dependent on product resources and requirements

Accessible mainnet FIO features can be integrated into various products

Features of FIO

The FIO token

Only a private/public key combination is required to store a token or FIO Address/Domain

No special features needed for FIO support

Utility token powering the protocol

Fees dispersed more than a year after receiving

Each FIO domain is an NFT asset

FIO domains

Non-fungible domains may be bought using FIO

FIO addresses do not require a certain domain

Friend-lists help to hide counterparty information

Any FIO-enabled transaction needs a friend-list ensuring holdings privacy

Provided Privacy

FIO block production

Block producers are in charge of the infrastructure

Token holders choose the block creators

Every 0.5s a producer is assigned

Produced in blocks of 126

In six second intervals

Cayman Islands-based non-profit company

Providing interwallet infrastructure

Not managed by the protocol

The FIO Team

The goal is to make blockchain easier for the masses

Great for companies onboarding crypto

FIO provides economic incentives embracing it

Well backed with big future potential

Conclusion on FIO

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