FM Gallery



FM Gallery Explained

A blockchain platform for the distribution of NFT art

How Does It Work?

Each NFT is a distinct piece of art

Artworks can be broken into several parts

Finish the piece by collecting pieces

Exchange the completed NFT for the real artwork

Genesis Blind Box Series

Common, uncommon, and legendary rarities

An NFT artwork created by well-known artists or the governance token FMG

Open a pack to win one of two prizes

FMG Tokens

Total supply of 100 Million

ERC20 token serving as voting system for the network

Staking FMG Tokens

Planned to be released on a Uniswap FMG-ETH Pool 

Liquidity mining distributes 31 Million FMG over the course of two years

The Community

Half of the token supply will be allocated to the local community

Tokens have high utility for participation

FM Gallery Summary

A distribution platform for the art world

The company distributes different NFTs

A piece of art is smashed into pieces

Each piece creates an NFT

Mission is raising the profile of the art industry and empowering it

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