Illuvium - What Is It?

A forthcoming blockchain open-world RPG game

Illuvials are beings with a class and affinity

Each class has its own strengths

They become stronger as players are defeated and objectives accomplished

What Is The Aim Of The Project?

Establishing an NFT game that is transparent, and community-driven

Hyper-scalable immutable-X layer-two

Mint and trade assets for free

What Type Of Game Is Illuvium?

"An open-world RPG, monster collector, and auto-battler game developed on the Ethereum Blockchain,"

Release planned for 2022

How Does Illuvium Work?

Players hunt, catch, and combat elemental powered animals

Harvest Illuvials while exploring alien worlds

Illuvials worth increases with training

What Is $ILV?

Yield farming rewards locking earns ILV a year before withdrawal

Stakers can avoid this time by converting ILV to sILV

sILV rewards are used to buy in-game goods

How Do Stakers Make Money?

Income sharing from spent ETH by players is utilized for ILV buybacks

Then allocated to stakers

Illuvium's Difference To Other Games?

Art teams collaborate to create each Illuvial

Assuring AAA game gamers will like it

> 100 distinct Illuvials in numerous locations

Built on Ethereum and powered by Immutable X


A full AAA open-world RPG experience

A mix of Pokémon and Monster Hunter

Becoming the biggest blockchain game of 2022!

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