Mega Crypto Polis



MegaCrypto Polis Explained

Own microeconomics, companies, digital coin

Learn about crypto while having fun and making money at the same time

MEGA Tokens

Uses the token as its primary currency

Macro/micro-economics are powered by the token

ERC-20 governance token

What Can Be Bought Or Sold?

Everything in the game may be purchased and sold

All is traded for ETH

Lands, buildings, inhabitants, and pets

What Can You Do With Land?

Produce raw materials needed by other players

Build structures and rent out property

Recoup costs by selling buildings

Taking city hall possession earns you Mega

How Do Buildings Make Money?

Civil services like hospitals, fire stations, and police headquarters

Natural disasters can give compensations to these

Earning MEGA Tokens

Have a facility and hire to manufacture things

MEGA and MCP3D packs allow district managing to collect company taxes

MegaCrypto Polis Summary

City-building simulation game like SimCity

Pay-to-play and play-to-earn

New monetary twist for tested game concept

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