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MOBOX Explained

One goal is platform interoperability

Boost the usability of NFTs in games

Building real-time utility for NFTs

In-game money, governance, liquidity mining

How Does It Work?

Ecosystem provides tools for game and NFT development

Encouraging innovations from developers

Helping game creators get release exposure

What Are Mobox NFTs?

Mystery boxes contain Mobox NFTs called Momos

Sell, trade, stake NFTs, cultivate or collateralize in the Momoverse

Who Are The Founders?

Creators developed dApps handling over $4 billion since 2018

Global community + crew

Mobox Governance

Submit and vote on proposals by holding MBOX Token

Oversee platform success

Including game integration and new feature and services addition

Is It Possible To Stake MBOX?

Users, developers, artists will all benefit from MBOX

Staking to guarantee working towards success

Gamification encourages honest token holders to maximize their rewards

Mobox Summary

Gamification rewards stakeholders and participants

Self-sustaining system for community growth

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