My DeFi Pet



My DeFi Pet Explained

Hybrid of classic pet rearing games with DeFi

Team wants to be a globally-welcomed game via Play-to-earn

Built on BSC and KardiaChain

The My Defi Pet Game

Incorporating DeFi and NFTs

Allows to acquire, breed, develop, combat, trade

DEPT Tokens

Tokens are earned on task completion

Primary money with impact on gameplay

Spend to breed, evolve, summon eggs, and to participate in events

My DeFi Pet Governance

Vote on new features and settings to get additional prizes

Gain voting power by setting a time limit

Staking DEPT Tokens

Tokens are staked in pools to participate in the game

Variety of rewards will be available in various pools

NFT Monsters

Purchase eggs at the Pet shop to get NFT monsters

Care for your monsters so they can create offspring

My DeFi Pet Summary

Optimized KardiaChain introduced the NFT game "My DeFi Pet."

Combination of gaming, blockchain, and DeFi

NFT collectibles mobile game

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