Name Change Token



Name Change Token Explained

Hashmasks use NCT as foundational asset

Allows holders to modify the names of their masks

Rarity is bolstered by the name's originality

What Are Hashmasks?

70 artists from around the world have contributed to the collection

Digital art treasures

More than 16,384 distinct digital portraits

How Does It Work?

Claim NCT that your NFT accumulates

Get extra 1,830 NCTs on participation in the first donation

NFTs acquire 3,660 NCTs every year

Burn 1,830 NCTs to change the name

As the name indicates the tokens allows changing names of Hashmasks

NCT Tokens

Who Is The Team?

Suum Cuique Labs the Swiss company

Developed by a multinational team of 70 artists

16,384 unique virtual portraits

Ethereum's PoW consensus is used

NCT is an ERC-20 based token standard

Name Change Token's Blockchain

Name Change Token Summary

Artwork's native coin is the NCT crypto token

Enabling its users to give their Hashmasks a unique name

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