pNetwork Explained

Supporting over 10 blockchains

Partaking in the dApp and discovering composable liquidity potential

A set of tools to do more with your funds

What Does pNetwork Do?

Decentralized platform connecting blockchains

Cross-chain composability

Enabling the blockchain and end-user to connect without any difficulty

Who Runs pNetwork?

Operated by a network of node operators

Powered by PNT cryptocurrency

DAO members are rewarded for voting

Node operators are compensated based on fee rates

How Does Governance Work?

DAO members have authority to vote

Anyone can stake PNT and join the DAO

Becoming a fully decentralized environment

What Are pTokens?

The dApp allows minting pTokens on any blockchain

Cornerstone of the pNetwork ecosystem

pToken liquidity pools

Is Yield Farming Possible?

Get yield farming options through platforms like Curve, and PancakeSwap

Optimize DeFi incentives using cross-chain bridges

Safety of the pNetwork

pNetwork safeguarded by multi-party and trusted computations

Intended to handle many bridges

Cyberattacks are costly and impracticable

Anyone may join and examine

Underlying architecture for pTokens

Summarzing pNetwork

Maintained by different parties

Improving security and reducing risk

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